Zappos Manages to Out-Google Google with Crafty Marketing Tactic

October 15, 2015

Not one to do things by halves, Google recently took to the streets in Austin, Texas, to promote its new photo app by offering gourmet cupcakes from a branded food truck – and all its customers needed to do was ‘Pay With a Photo’.

After seeing Google’s photo-sharing promotion, online shoe and clothing store, Zappos, decided to raise them one better and offered a #PayWithACupcake service. The company swiftly set up shop next to the Google food truck and handed out free Zappos goodies including headphones, watches, sunglasses, backpacks and gift cards in exchange for a cupcake. And to top it all off, Zappos made the exchange even sweeter by handing back the cupcakes to its customers.

Take a look at the video above. What do you think of this crafty marketing tactic?