What is a LOUDtable?

March 30, 2015

One of the features of our up coming BCAMA Vision Conference is the LOUDtable session, not to be confused with round table – although we’d like to think a modern day King Arthur would attend Vision to discuss content strategy and omni-channel marketing.  A LOUDtable is a great way to connect marketing professionals, and what better way than to invite local industry leaders to Vision.  We’ve answered your questions regarding our forthcoming LOUDtable session, and look forward to seeing everyone April 23, 2015.







What is a LOUDtable?

We’ve gathered 10 of Vancouver’s top marketers to share with you their industry insights and best practices.  You’ll have the opportunity to choose your speakers based on which topics and discussions are most relevant to you.

what is the purpose of a LOUDtable session?

The purpose of a LOUDtable session is to spark conversation, share ideas, and discuss best practices on the topic of choice with each speaker and other attendees.

How can I continue the conversation?

LOUDtable sessions are short and sweet, so be sure to swap business cards and Twitter handles after the conference to continue the discussion.

How Long is each LOUDtable session?

15 minutes.  After the allotted time is up, we will announce when to move on to the next LOUDTable.  The speakers and topics will be projected on stage so that you can double check where you’re headed next.  Be sure to have a few extra speakers in mind that you would like to attend in case one table is too busy by the time you get there.

How many LOUDtables sessions will I attend?

You will attend a total of 4 LOUDtables.

Who are the LOUDtable speakers this year?

Click here to find the list of speakers.

If we could give just one recommendation to participants, be LOUD!  It’s called a LOUDTable for a reason, so have fun with it.