Director, Membership & Engagement

This portfolio has responsibilities in three key areas:

1) spearhead BCAMA’s membership efforts; and

2) solicit general, non-member engagement with the BCAMA;

3) oversee BCAMA’s volunteer management, which will contribute towards growing the reputation of the BCAMA as the leading local source of marketing inspiration, education, and opportunities to connect and network.



  • Gather member and event participant data from surveys and content engagement data to provide insights to the Board for strategic planning
  • Using insights, develop and implement a membership strategy that drives member value, attracts new members to the association and increases member retention rates. Included in this plan should be a program to welcome and stay in touch with new and existing members.
  • Plan and host four social networking events per year to encourage connections and networking
  • Continue to build on our efforts to expand the reach of the BCAMA beyond the Lower Mainland
  • Utilize the BCAMA lists of event registrants, volunteer lists, student lists, BC Top 100 companies, and other prospecting strategies to determine appropriate membership selling and engagement opportunities for groups and individuals
  • Work with other BCAMA Directors and Team to integrate member value and experience into every part of the organization’s activities (owned channels, events, other)
  • Act as the point person for members who require assistance with their membership, working with the BCAMA office and Support Center
  • Report regularly on key Membership data, working with monthly reports generated from the AMA website
  • Present key membership and engagement messaging at BCAMA events
  • Develop and oversee (non-Board member) volunteer acquisition, management, and rewards


Time Commitment:

It is estimated that this role will require on average 4-6 hours per week, with heightened levels of activity leading up to social events.


Being on the BCAMA Board

The BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association (BCAMA) provides inspiration, guidance and resources to advance the professional development and careers of BC’s marketing community by fostering thought leadership, learning and career and social connections. Being on the BCAMA board means you are connected to the larger community while also being part of a close-knit team of like-minded marketers who care about this organization and each other. Positivity, fun and supporting one another are priorities.


How to Apply:

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