Vice President (BCAMA Leadership Track)

The Vice President is part of the BCAMA’s four-person Executive Team. In this leadership role, the Vice President works alongside the President, the President-Elect and the Treasurer to drive strategic direction for the overall organization. In addition, the Vice President oversees the BCAMA’s five programming portfolios, with each event Director reporting directly to the Vice President. While direct input and hands-on participation is not a requirement, providing higher level guidance to the event Directors is expected. The Vice President is also expected to assume the role of an executive-level ambassador for the BCAMA, when available, at events or other similar situations.

The role of Vice President is two steps/two years removed from the role of President; after one year, the Vice President stands for nomination for the role of President-Elect, followed by the role of President the next year.

This position is an outstanding opportunity for an individual to develop professional leadership skills and to raise their profile and personal brand within the industry. The role of BCAMA Vice President is ideally suited to an individual with at least five years of experience leading/managing a team and with past or present involvement with a board or a not-for-profit association.

Interested In Learning More?

To learn more about this position or to schedule a brief call to discuss the role in greater detail, we invite you to reach out to Christian Westin (President, BCAMA).

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