Advance Your Career with Volunteer Opportunities

The BCAMA is made up of a top-notch team of dedicated volunteers. It’s thanks to these passionate people that our association can continue to offer like-minded marketers a leg up in their careers. We invite you to connect to BC’s premier marketing association through a variety of volunteer opportunities.

Why Volunteer?

The BCAMA provides opportunities for those looking to get involved with the BC marketing community, including:

  • Unparalleled networking opportunities
  • Professional marketing development through experience and exposure
  • Access to exciting events
  • Online resources, including tool kits, templates and articles


The BCAMA is also on the lookout for those candidates who can fill roles at the executive, director and manager level.


Do I need to be a BCAMA member?

Everyone is welcome to sign up as a volunteer. However, BCAMA members are given top priority for volunteer positions. Read more about the benefits of BCAMA Membership.


Ready to get involved?

Help us get to know you and your interests by filling out an application form.



Current Volunteer Opportunities

We are always seeking volunteers.

Board of Directors

President Elect

Are you seeking a serious opportunity to gain leadership experience at the Executive level? If so, we have a role for you. The President-elect role is a career-building volunteer opportunity that puts you next in line to take the reins as President of this 67-year old marketing institution. As an essential member of the BCAMA Board of Directors Executive Committee, this role oversees all BCAMA programming (events), provides coaching and mentorship to the events teams, and helps set the tone for the organization. More than that, this role helps set direction, inspire vision and create a roadmap for the year ahead.

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Vice President

Hey there overachiever! We have a role for you. This is a meaty career-building position where you can flex your leadership chops. The Vice President is an essential member of the BCAMA Board of Director Executive Committee. In this role, you oversee the BCAMA’s ability to generate awareness and enhance its reputation by providing coaching and mentorship to the Marketing Communications team, helping to set the tone of the organization. More than that, you will help the BCAMA reach more of BC’s marketers, inspiring them with inspirational content and stories and event information, bringing the unique selling proposition of this well respected, BC-wide, 67-year-old marketing institution.

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Numbers, money, spreadsheets! Do these things get you excited? If so, we’re looking for a Treasurer to oversee our financial activities and health and keep us on track. As a key member of the BCAMA Board of Directors Executive Committee, help ensure the responsible stewardship of BCAMA’s financial health, and risk and reputation. Qualifications include holding a CPA designation, and 7+ years of accounting experience, preferably at a mid or senior level.

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Marketing Communications

Content Writers

The BCAMA is seeking thoughtful, well-informed content writers to contribute to our website, email and social media channels. If you have opinions, views, interviews, observations or reports you feel are worth sharing with the BCAMA, then we’d like to hear from you.

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Graphic Designer

The BCAMA is looking for people who appreciate the power of visual storytelling and have a passion for creating beautifully-designed pieces that will leave an impression on the BC marketing industry. We’re looking for a Graphic Designer to create engaging and on-brand graphics for a variety of media to engage marketers all throughout the province. Interested?

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