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VISION invites modern marketers and the future-focused to an immersive one-day event of thought-provoking speakers and workshops to challenge, inspire and push the limits of your thinking—whether that’s for your organization or your own audiences. For our ever-evolving marketing landscape, our goal is to explore some new thought processes for thinking ahead and responding to change. VISION is a collective experience enhanced by peer learning and application. Save the date and join us at VISION in 2019, together with Vancouver’s most curious marketers, executives and entrepreneurial leaders as they explore the new playbook for new-model marketing teams, plus leadership tactics and strategies for success.



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It all starts with Canada’s own Terry O’Reilly—an award-winning marketer, bestselling author and host of the highly acclaimed podcast Under The Influence—who’ll be sharing his thoughts on the power of counterintuitive thinking.  Curious? Hear how Terry describes it in his own words.


  • [Keynote] Terry O’Reilly

    Host, Under The Influence (CBC Radio One, Sirius XM & WBEZ Chicago)

    An in-demand keynote speaker, Terry O'Reilly talks about key marketing issues, including "The Power Of Counterintuitive Thinking", which he'll share at VISION 2019....

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  • Michel Hogan

    Independent Brand Counsel

    Michel Hogan advises organizations on how making the wrong promises poses risks to their purpose and values—achieving a robust, resilient brand result....

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  • Tom Triumph

    Tom Triumph

    Consultant, Speaker and Author

    Tom Triumph is a consultant, speaker and author who helps companies grow by helping them reinvent their business, product development, and marketing....

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  • Hayley Woodin

    [Emcee] Hayley Woodin

    Multimedia Reporter - Business in Vancouver

    Hayley Woodin, a reporter with Business in Vancouver, co-hosts radio shows and podcasts, covering a variety of business topics across multiple platforms....

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Breakout Sessions

[SESSION 1] Appreciative Inquiry: The Other AI

How we see the world around us influences how we behave in it. Often, we have our problem-solving lens on, focusing on what’s broken and what needs to be fixed. However, have you ever fixed a problem, only for the problem to resurface—sometimes messier and more complex? Appreciative Inquiry sees the world differently by shifting away from the “what’s wrong” deficit thinking to the expansive “what’s right” thinking. In this session, participants will be given an overview of this other AI and learn how this practice can shift thinking, spark new ideas and inject a more innovative spirit in organizations. Participants will learn and practice different AI techniques, including appreciative conversations, expansive inquiry and the 5D process. Get ready to meet the Appreciative Dreamer in you!

[SESSION 2] Innovation Prototyping

When we reinvent the results of our creative activities as prototypes, a transformation starts to happen. The process through which we focus on developing our core products becomes just as important. This play shop is a catalyst: a safe haven to develop unexpected prototypes of all shapes and sizes at different levels of fidelity and resolution. A place to explore the reaches of your own expressive ideas and transform them from thought to word to tangible artifact. A minimum of talk and a maximum of improvised play time, learning tools to reshape your creative realities, and structures to guide and inspire your teams in an energetic, fun, fast-moving, practical and useful session. Paper, physical, embodied, wizard of oz, throw-away and digital prototypes will be facilitated.

[SESSION 3] Ditch the brand “ing and re” and get a result people will stick with.

Brand is stuck in a time warp of thinking as “ing” or “re”. This doesn’t help organizations to sustainably navigate the complex relationship between what they do, how they do it and why they do it. Let’s begin with a mind shift about a brand as a result of the promises you keep. Of all an organization’s (or an individual’s) actions and decisions. Built on a foundation of their purpose and values. And delivered through people’s experience. 

Why is it importantWhen you take what you care about and use it to help shape the promises you make, you’re more likely to keep them. When you put your purpose to work, even in unheroic actions and decisions, they’re more likely to reflect your purpose and become reasons to believe. So, what promises are you making and how are you keeping them?

This session will introduce you to thinking and tools you can use to better bridge internal reality and external expectations so your organization achieves a more resilient brand result that people will stick with.

[Meditation Exercise/Session] Information to Transformation: Bridging Science and Wisdom of Mind to Unravel Infinite Potential

Marketing and branding are very relevant to organizations and their customers. The two key tools for a marketing and branding professional are information and transformation. First, you have tons of information about organizations/products to sift through so that you can align your vision with theirs. Second, you need to get to the crux of customers’ hearts, and transform the state of product by deeply connecting with their purpose. In this interplay between mind and heart, knowing your true self and helping your clients find theirs is the key, so that there is seamless transformation in all dimensions. In this session, you will dive deep into the neuroscience and wisdom of mindfulness and meditation to start with a clean state, and blossom creativity and empathy to see through the eyes of your clients. You will also go through an experiential journey into the mysteries of the mind and tap into your infinite potential as well as help your clients embrace conscious choices for reaping the fruits of their innovation.


Alternative Perspectives

Given the conference’s overarching theme of Counterintuitive Thinking, we have assembled one of our most diverse and disparate group of panellists to date. Hailing from the tech, marketing, education, gaming and social media sectors, our panellists will share their own insights and recommendations and, of course, their perspectives for moving beyond the day-to-day realities of marketing, brand-building and creative development.

Collectively, our panel will offer up their own unconventional wisdom to improve and evolve some all- too-conventional processes and protocols that we often assume need to be followed “as is”.


  • Lara Johnson

    [Moderator] Lara Johnson

    Brand Strategist

    Lara Johnson is a brand strategist with over 15 years’ experience in a wide array of industries....

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  • Vivian Chan

    Vivian Chan

    COO, Eyexpo

    Vivian Chan is a tech executive involved in launch, monetization and marketing for disruptive technology: Big Data, Cloud and Immersive Tech/AR/VR....

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  • Joel Hansen

    Joel Hansen

    Business Development Manager, Youth Marketing Advisor, TEDx Speaker

    Joel Hansen is a Business Development Manager for the Skidmore Group, Linkedin Youth Editor, TEDx Speaker and past director of CIMC Conference....

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  • Sandy Fleischer

    Sandy Fleischer

    Managing Partner, Pound & Grain

    Sandy is Managing Partner at Pound & Grain, a digital agency. Recognized as an industry leader, he's presented at high profile events....

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  • Jen Riley

    Jen Riley

    Director, Global Campaign Management, EA

    Jen Riley is an business leader with a track record of getting big ideas off the page and into practice. Riley has been a...

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    Hayley Woodin & Christian Westin

  • 9:15 AM


    Terry O’Reilly

  • 10:15 AM


    Michel Hogan

  • 11:30 AM


    Vivian Chan, Jen Riley, Joel Hansen

  • 12:30 PM


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  • 2:00 PM


    Linda Young, Dr. Patrick Pennefather, Michel Hogan

  • 3:30 PM


  • 3:45 PM


    Tom Triumph

  • 4:45 PM


    Hayley Woodin & Christian Westin

  • 5:00 PM


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The BCAMA’s annual flagship event, VISION is one of the premium marketing conferences in Western Canada. Celebrating its 30th year, VISION attracts top-notch speakers and passionate attendees looking to exchange the latest leadership tactics and strategies for marketing success.


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