April 15, 2021 | 9:30am -2:30pm PDT April 16, 2021 | 9:30am -2:30pm PDT

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About (re)VISION Virtual Conference

Two-day Virtual Conference

Take a front seat to the future of Marketing, where the world is constantly shifting and consumers are emerging from the pandemic haze more digitally aware than ever before. Working from home, online shopping and virtual everything has changed the way we interact with the world. Hybrid marketing strategies have become the norm. Marketers that ran towards the challenge (not away from it), are embracing change and pioneering new technologies that are paving the way to better connect with the digital consumer. Are you ready for our digitally-forward future? Press play and find out. The (re)VISION Virtual Conference: Unmasking the Future of Digital will:

  • Explore future-focused marketing technologies
  • Prepare you to embrace the new digital future
  • Inspire meaningful change

Join us on April 15-16, 2021 as we provide you with the tools to fast-forward your marketing to thrive in a hyper digital-savvy world.


Our schedule is packed with thought-provoking presentations, engaging panel discussions, interactive workshops and networking opportunities, on topics ranging from the future of CX to the ethics of artificial intelligence practices. > View Schedule


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  • Christine Mayston

    Christine Mayston

    Founder & Chief Strategist, The Point

    TOPIC: Change is Coming: How to Prepare for the CX of the Future

    Christine is the Founder & Chief Strategist of The...

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  • John O'Donovan

    John O’Donovan

    CTO, Allen and Overy

    TOPIC: The Connected Customer Journey: Why Creating Moments of Delight Is So Important

    John is the CTO of Allen & Overy, a...

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  • Hessie Jones

    Hessie Jones

    Venture Partner, Matr Ventures


    TOPIC: Human-Centric Design In An Increasingly Automated World

    Hessie is a Privacy Technologist, Venture Partner, Strategist, Tech Journalist and Author.


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  • Cher Jones

    Cher Jones

    Social Media Trainer & Personal Branding Coach


    TOPIC: How to Make a People Powered B2B Social Media Strategy Work

    Cher Jones runs a corporate social media training and coaching...

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  • Hayley Woodin

    [Emcee] Hayley Woodin

    Executive Editor - Business in Vancouver

    Hayley Woodin is Business in Vancouver's Executive Editor. She leads BIV's magazine portfolio and has contributed extensively to BIV's print and digital journalism as a reporter and...

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Workshop A

Embracing Tech of the Future, Using a Timeless Tool of the Past

In 2021, we have access to countless technological tools to deliver messages to our clients, customers, and communities, But this hasn’t helped our ability to connect with them on a deeper level. For many small to medium-sized brands, having so many tools and platforms has created more problems. They struggle to keep up with new media. They’re overwhelmed with all the options and don’t know where to spend their time or money. They find themselves spinning in circles, neglecting a long-term strategy and losing that valuable connection with their audience. Since the beginning of humanity, one thing has been consistently used to build trust among people: storytelling. We used to tell stories around the campfire to strengthen our communities and now we tell them to grow our audiences, sell our products, and raise awareness for our causes. Storytelling is a proven science that evokes empathy, creates trust between seller and buyer, and inspires people to take action. If you use technology to tell stories so that your customers will feel a part of them and want to share them with the world, you will create loyal, long-term relationships with your communities, no matter what tools you use.

Key takeaways:

This session will teach you

  • How to use digital storytelling techniques to craft stories that create empathy and move audiences to action in just seconds!
  • How to hack human psychology to make your stories memorable
  • When and where to share your stories for optimal return

Workshop B

Diversity Marketing Workshop: Chinese-Canadian Audiences and WeChat

With over 1.6M Chinese Canadians, this audience is digital and fast growing as the #2 source of new immigration and international students to Canada. Join us for this session to learn all about the “Super app” WeChat. With a reach of over 1M+ active monthly users in Canada, it’s a must have tool for marketers looking to diversify their digital media tactics. Session will cover:

  • Overview of WeChat the platform, use cases and ad formats available
  • Practical information for media planners, brands looking to target Chinese Audiences
  • Media usage insights from 1M+ monthly active WeChat users in Canada

Workshop C

“The Blog is Dead”

Mike Cheng, co-founder and CEO of Lumen5, explores the ever changing landscape of social media in marketing, and how online communications has evolved from text to video. Where search engines and blogs were once the primary point of information discovery for consumers, the world has quickly changed to one where social media has now become the point of discovery and purchase for consumers. With the social landscape rapidly changing and becoming increasingly fragmented, how can marketers continue to communicate and convert prospects into customers?

  • Michael Cheng
    Michael Cheng

    CEO & Co-founder, Lumen5

Workshop D

SEO and the Impact of Voice Search

Learn about the must-haves of SEO and the impact of voice in the future of search.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore SEO must-have checklist
  • Learn how to build your SEO for voice activated technologies
  • Discover UX design changes and technological advancements to help prepare for the future


Day 1 > Speed Networking

Get the chance to connect with other event attendees through five-minute 1:1 speed networking sessions. We’ll provide some fun icebreaker questions to get you started and let the conversation flow.

Day 2 > Ask the Expert Networking Event

Miss going to live events and connecting with other marketers? So do we, that’s why we’re offering our “Ask the Expert” networking session. This session will provide a platform for attendees to connect with industry leaders for advice, resources, tips and to help build connections. Grab your tickets if you haven’t already to take advantage of this featured session included as part of the (re)VISION Virtual Conference.



Topic: Shopping Through a New Lens: Building an E-comm Brand with Gen Z and Millennials

Join Snapchat’s Phil Hsia and Clearly’s Arak Bhokanandh as they share the value Gen Z and millennials bring to brands and highlight how to connect with these mobile-native generations. As one of Snapchat’s Canadian clients, hear how Clearly has successfully utilized both the Snapchat camera and content to provide immersive and efficient experiences for their customers to “try on” products without having to visit a store. Phil and Arak will discuss the challenges and the benefits of leveraging augmented reality to enhance customer experience, how other retailers can connect with the Snapchat generation and build shoppable experiences.

  • Philip Hsia
    Phil Hsia

    Business Solutions Manager, Snap Inc.

  • Clearly logo
    Arak Bhokanandh

    Vice President, Digital, Clearly

From Bricks to Clicks

How Retailers are Restrategizing for a Hyper Digital World

From Bricks to Clicks

Over the past year, we’ve experienced unprecedented shifts in commerce globally. Retailers of all shapes and sizes have had moments of pause, to rethink and redevelop their marketing strategies. Whether it was the average brick & mortar storefront, learning how to build their business online or an e-commerce focused venture trying to stand out in an increasingly competitive landscape, restrategizing became a necessity.

According to Shopify’s 2021 Future of Commerce Report, within just one-year e-commerce has seen a 10-year acceleration in growth, and trends show that this growth will continue to rise year over year. What does this mean for brick and mortar retailers and how can businesses prepare for a digital-first future? Find out at this year’s (re)VISION Virtual Conference panel discussion.


  • Learn how retailers are adapting their in-person and online customer experiences
  • Discover what trends and innovations marketing playbooks will focus on in the years ahead


  • [Moderator] Steve Mossop

    President, Insights West

      Steve Mossop is President of Insights West, a progressive, full-service marketing research company that offers insights-driven solutions via leading-edge tools and normative databases...

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  • Sandhya Suryam

    Sandhya Suryam

    Director of Marketing, Everything Wine

    At an early age, Sandhya enjoyed taking things apart just to see if she could put them back together. This inquisitive nature and passion...

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  • Paul Dasan-Cutting

    Paul Dasan-Cutting

    Innovation Product Owner, Marks & Spencer

    An insight-driven thought leader within technology, Paul’s passion is bringing new concepts to old problems, whether that is a new technology or process, or...

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  • Sarah Simpson

    Sarah Simpson

    Senior Marketing Manager, Events, Herschel Supply Company

    From makeshift living room performances to a degree in Theatre, to an extensive career in events; Sarah has always been drawn to creating epic...

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  • Bobbi Spruston

    Bobbi Spruston

    Vancouver Hub Manager, Microsoft Stores

      With 10+ years in retail leadership and almost 20 in the industry, Bobbi has dedicated her career to recruiting, mentoring and developing talent...

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    Are you ready for our digitally-forward future? Press play and find out.
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    Change is Coming: How to Prepare for the CX of the Future | Christine Mayston
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    How to Make a People Powered B2B Social Media Strategy Work | Cher Jones




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