September 20, 2022 | 8:30am – 4:30pm PDT

Location: Sheraton Wall Centre, Vancouver & Online

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Marketing Conference


Whether it’s CX, EX, or DX, creating impactful experiences are a vital component of every marketer’s playbook. Join us for this year’s Vision Conference: The X-perience Factor, as we unpack some fresh perspectives on creating great brand experiences – for customers, employees and communities. 

This year’s edition is an in-person experience (that will also be streamed virtually), featuring inspirational thought leaders, educational workshops and ample networking opportunities, to help get creative juices flowing. So grab a ticket or better yet book a table and bring the whole team for BCAMA’s biggest event in years! 

The Vision Conference program includes:

  • Keynote presentations from top industry professionals
  • Interactive workshops 
  • Opportunity to customize your experience
  • Small group and 1-1 networking opportunities
  • Q&A with speakers

Please note, group ticket and table purchase options are available, please reach out to info@bcama.com for more details.

Ready to be inspired?

The in-person session includes access to all presentations, panel and select workshop sessions, Q&A with speakers, small group and 1-1 networking opportunities.

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  • Fernando Machado

    [Keynote] Fernando Machado

    CMO, Activision Blizzard

    With more than 160 Lions in Cannes, Fernando is known for pushing creative boundaries to drive business growth....

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  • Julie Nolin

    [Emcee] Julie Nolin

    Faculty, Communication Department, BCIT

    Julie Nolin has been a reporter and producer with CTV Vancouver since 2013, and communications/journalism faculty at BCIT since 2010....

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  • [Closing Note] Catherine D. Henry

    SVP, Web3 & Metaverse Innovation Strategy, Media.Monks

    Catherine D. Henry is a leading voice on the metaverse, virtualization and how 5G, augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are transforming business...

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From Insights to Action: How to get the most from your Data Analytics

Marketing Analytics is changing with the advent of cookieless browsing. Many browser’s already do not support 3rd party cookies anymore, which, historically, was key to creating audiences and tracking conversions. In order to combat these changes marketers need to start embracing new strategies for finding their key customers, measuring the performance of their marketing efforts and creating data driven audiences. To combat this, customers have to start owning their first part data and finding new ways to optimize performance, not only online, but in their offline processes, stores and traditional marketing channels such as radio.

This session, presented by Google Cloud’s most senior Data Analytics Expert CE in Canada, is aimed at helping marketers see the value of creating a first party data ecosystems in order to:

  • Create an effective measurement strategy to see the performance of their omni channel campaigns
  • Use first party data and machine learning to create audiences from first party data, for retargeting and lookalike audiences
  • Move toward value based bidding strategies by optimizing campaigns toward high value offline data point

This session also includes a case study, presented by the Director of Digital Marketing at Pattison Media, illustrating how, with the help of Vancouver based Google partner Fastloop, they used first party data and machine learning to create a measurement framework for terrestrial radio.

  • Cornelius Van Heerden

    Data Analytics Expert, Google

  • Andrew Snook

    Director of Digital, Pattison Media

A Look Inside Walled Gardens: Why content is important to their future

The ‘walled gardens’ – major platforms such as YouTube, Meta, and TikTok – are so named specifically relating to advertising, sources of great content and unique user experiences that retain much of the key data solely within their own ecosystems. Marketers find themselves needing to access the unparalleled reach of these platforms, but limited in utilizing and understanding the full scope of data that makes up a core value of other digital properties.

This workshop examines ways to address the challenges posed by these limitations, and the importance of creative approaches in how users interact with and experience brand presences.

Great Brand Experiences Require Inclusion

As marketers, our job is to ensure the customer experience is seamless for our audience. We spend hours designing and developing experiences that ensure they’re impactful and memorable. Unfortunately, most are designed with the dominant culture in mind while accidentally excluding large portions of their audience and requiring them to adapt to you instead.

Great brand experiences are purposeful about who we include and exclude. They’re also intentional about not defaulting to the dominant lens. To be inclusive requires us to look at the experience from an ethnorelative perspective. This means we have to consider the cultures and intersectional identities that make up our audience and how each experience will differ because of people’s unique lenses. Remember too that culture extends far beyond ethnicity, embodying many diverse dimensions of identity.

In our talk, we’ll cover the basics of Inclusive Brand Experiences. We’ll discuss the importance of inclusivity and why brands need to start thinking more ethnorelatively (viewing audiences from a diverse set of lenses, without viewing the dominant culture as natural, right or most important). We’ll have examples to showcase accidental exclusion and how we can avoid unintentionally making these same mistakes ourselves.

– Foundational understanding of how most brand experiences cause erasure
– Examples of experiences that accidentally exclude and negatively impact the customer experience
– Next steps on how you can start applying inclusive practices in your marketing work immediately

The 8 Keys to Unlocking a High-Performance Culture

Culture isn’t just about perks and fun. It’s not a buzz word. We’ve all heard the saying “Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch.” But why? Culture is the collective sum of the values and accepted behaviors that drive an employee experience within the business. There are 8 essential principles that are critical to making culture actionable and the mosts desirable experience for your team. Discover in-depth insights for each principal supported by various research studies and proven workplace practices. These 8 keys individually are inconsequential, yet when combined together, will create the culture and business you’ve always wanted.

– Understand the 8 critical traits and why they are necessary to build a strong, scalable culture: Belief, Purpose, Integrity, Transparency, Ownership, Mentorship, Fun, Measurement
– Recall culture stories that exhibit the power of these traits in action
– Gather reference points for further information to implement the critical traits into your business
– Connect the critical traits to all aspects of life.

End of Summer Shindig

Join the BC marketing community for the #BCAMAendofsummer Shindig. This year’s social will take place at our flagship VISION conference to bring you two very happy hours mingling with BC’s marketing community, including VISION conference delegates, speakers and organizers.

If you’re already attending this year’s VISION Conference in person, don’t worry, the Shindig is included as part of your conference access. If you’re not attending the Conference this event is free for members (RSVP required) or $20 for non-members.

Register for access and we’ll see you there.

LINK: https://bcama.com/event/2022-networking-social-september/

Speed Networking (Virtual Only)

Get the chance to connect with other event attendees through five-minute 1:1 speed networking sessions. We’ll provide some fun icebreaker questions to get you started and let the conversation flow.

Humanizing Brand Experiences: Building meaningful relationships with customers, employees and communities

Humanizing Brand Experiences

Gone are the days where the act of purchasing a product or service was simply a transaction between a business and its customers. Today, one of the most important, but often forgotten, elements of brand experience is the human on both sides. Customers are human beings. Employees are human beings. Communities are made up of human beings. Whether it’s in person, online, or combination of both, the type of experience created, ultimately impacts how brands are perceived by their audiences.

In this session attendees will learn:

  • What leading brands are doing to better connect with their customers, employees and communities
  • Approaches and methodologies for bringing the human into your brand experience


  • [Moderator] Deirdre Campbell

    APR, MBA

    As president of Canadian-based tartanbond, Deirdre has been entrenched in the integrated communications business for more than 20 years....

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  • Amanda Dhalla

    VP Marketing, Fresh Prep

    Amanda is a seasoned marketer and digital commerce expert with a passion for maximizing business results and customer engagement within rapidly changing environments....

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  • Chanel Pel

    Marketing Manager, TIME Marketing

    Chanel specializes in developing and executing social media marketing strategies for brands, primarily those situated in the lifestyle and hospitality industries....

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  • Adam Woodhouse

    Head of Creative and Brand, Best Buy

    Adam Woodhouse is a British-born, award-winning creative leader who is responsible for spearheading a multitude of industry-shaping campaigns across European and North American markets....

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  • 7:30 - 8:30am

    Event Registration Opens and Networking Begins

  • 8:30 - 8:45am

    BCAMA Welcome

  • 8:45 - 9:50am

    Keynote Presentation

    Fernando Machado, CMO Activision Blizzard

  • 9:50 - 10:15am


  • 10:20 - 11:20am

    Panel Discussion: Humanizing Brand Experiences

  • 11:40 - 12:40pm

    Breakout Session

    Session 1: Google, Session 2: Zefr

  • 12:40 - 1:40pm

    Lunch and Networking

  • 1:45 - 2:45pm

    Breakout Session

    Session 1: Tammy Tsang, Session 2: Russel Dubree

  • 3:00 - 4:00pm

    Closing Note

    Closing Note: Catherine D. Henry SVP Metaverse & Web3 Innovation Strategy, Media.Monk

  • 4:00 - 4:15pm

    BCAMA Closing + Prizes

  • 4:30 - 6:30pm


    Networking Reception





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