Top 10 Free Marketing Tools in 2016

July 27, 2016



Technology has made marketing completely digital, this means businesses now have a larger platform to advertise their services. Although many marketing tools require a budget, there a few that can be used for free. Here are the best free marketing tools:


This robust marketing tool allows the user to create logic recipes made up of rules based on events. For example, a user can create a Google alert that searches for mentions of the company name, and then sends a notification by email or text. If connected to a device such as Raspberry Pi, users can unlock an office door when someone sends an email that they have arrived. A company can use the built-in recipes in IFTTT or create their own. Paid alternatives include Zapier and Coding Scripts.


Hootsuite permits the user to keep track of multiple social media accounts without having to log in individually. The free version also has scheduling features that allow a user to schedule posts months in advance and connects three accounts for free. Other free alternatives are Buffer and TweetDeck, but Hootsuite has more advanced settings.


This can be used to test new product ideas via surveys or to get feedback on uploaded photos for a design experiment. It can also work as a pop-up from a website. The surveys are user-friendly, and data can be analyzed in a simple graphical format. Other free alternatives include Wufoo and Google Forms, but SurveyMonkey is the easiest to use, and provides the most detailed analysis.


Create infographics and presentations with this easy-to-use tool. Users don’t require professional design experience, as there are great templates that can be converted into beautiful shareable images.

List Builder for SumoMe

The tool allows a company to capture one-time visitors to their website, to persuade them to join the site’s email list. The tool is simple to integrate, and it has numerous features for free. Alternatives are many, but this one is made specifically for marketers.

Subject Line

This scores an email subject line to ascertain whether people will read it, which makes this a great tool to use before sending out a marketing email.


Once a user has a list of email addresses for existing customers and potential clients, this easy-to-use tool offers an entrepreneur package that allows a user to send up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers per month. Another free alternative is VerticalResponse, which offers up to 1,200 emails to 300 subscribers every month.

Boomerang for Gmail

Users of Outlook on Windows can schedule emails, but Gmail users use Boomerang. This marketing tool can also automate important follow-ups like sales leads and send reminders when invoices are due. The free version offers up to 10 message credits per month.

Quill Engage

This tool analyzes Google Analytics data and sends a free weekly report with important website stats such as session, pageviews, and bounce rate. Users can also track their progress with the tool.

 Content Idea Generator

This tool helps marketers who suffer from writer’s block with ideas for online content.