Top 10 B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

February 26, 2016

Despite this Top-10 list not being as entertaining as the best of David Letterman, it is worth a look because it provides good insight into what B2B business marketers should be thinking about this year.

The Graphically Speaking digital marketing team has provided some highlights of current marketing trends, web design trends and web development trends that can help marketers focus on important aspects of B2B marketing.

  1. Email Marketing Resurgence – Mobile is “the new inbox”
  2. Search Budgets Shift to Content
  3. The Rise of Advocate Marketing
  4. Design That Tells a Story
  5. Simplified Navigation
  6. Focus On Interactive Elements
  7. Web Apps
  8. Personalized Online Experiences
  9. Security Takes Center Stage
  10. Less Code to Deliver More & Faster

You can read the full article at Graphically Speaking’s website.