This Is The Future Of Tourism Marketing

October 6, 2014

Between the rise of e-tourism, the availability of flights, and online marketing, the last decade has seen huge changes throughout the tourism industry. These changes have created new openings and opportunities for marketers in the space. To touch upon this exciting topic, we spoke with this year’s Marketer of The Year winner, Tourism Victoria, about what the future of tourism marketing may hold. Here are three things you should continually remind yourself to do.

Content marketing will be king

It’s been said again and again that content is king, and it is no different in tourism. The ability to provide your audience with content that is actually worth reading benefits not only the readers, but the tourism industry itself. However, it’s not just about creating great content. It’s also about strategically distributing that content. The key to being successful is getting that content in front of the people that will be interested in it. Start down this path by creating a blog to house your content and then direct people to it with strategically targeted posts throughout your social media channels.

Doing things differently

Over the last 25 years, many CMOs have been doing business almost exactly the same way. Stop that. To push through to the next level it’s time to do things differently. Do your vacation guide differently. Do your social media differently. Do it all differently. This is all because, and hopefully this isn’t too much of a surprise, the future is going to be different. Adapting to changes and being bold enough to try new and exciting things will keep you up with current trends and help enhance the perception of your city, province, or country.

Only work on things that are PR worthy

Think about it. Is there a reason to sink your time into something that won’t provide you with the return on investment that you’re after? Set those things aside and spend that time finding the truly creative solutions. The ones that give you a hook to capture more earned media attention. Initiatives that are truly PR-worthy have so much more potential than the blander content that sits on your website that requires you to push it out.

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