The Top Five Best Guerrilla Marketing Techniques of 2016

June 26, 2016

By: Arturo Bustillos

Guerrilla marketing campaigns have only one purpose. They are designed to make your business more money by attracting more potential clients and therefore more sales by doing something extraordinary that captures the eye and the dollar of your target audience.

These five guerrilla marketing techniques have been proven to be the most successful in 2016 so far, based on reports from small businesses and marketing analysts.


1) The store billboard



Your physical building is wasted space unless you advertise on it. However, this is not referring to conventional window displays. What you want is something that is original and extremely eye-catching, and something that promotes some aspect of your organization.

The things that work best for physical stores are explanations of what you do and how your methods are unique. Perhaps you can brag about the major companies that are your clients, or you can advertise the people who work for you, especially those who make a business-changing contribution.

This concept also works well for Internet stores with no bricks-and-mortar presence. You simply cut out a piece of your home page and use it as your storefront billboard.

Whether you use physical or digital billboard, your message should change regularly.


2) Talk to your audience in person


This campaign works well for businesses that have effectively established their local demographic. This works regardless of what you sell or the service that you provide.

You physically go out on the street and talk to the people you meet about your products and services. This personal touch is what gets you new business. Everyone you talk to can become a salesperson for you, provided that you make the right impression.


3) Vehicle ads

mariners-2011-min (1)

You have all seen magnetic signs on every kind of vehicle on the road. People use this form of marketing because it works.

The basis of this success is forming a lasting memory in a potential client’s mind. You should also include your logo and a short message with contact information. The sign needs to be colourful and durable.

The advantage of this form of guerrilla marketing is that it is inexpensive and will likely be seen by more people than could be attracted by any well-optimized website.


4) Put on a show


A demonstration of the benefits of your product or service in a venue where you can attract a large crowd gets you new clients. This is not a traditional trade show presentation. To insure a large crowd on a regular basis, consider setting up in shopping malls and at sporting events.

Put on a simple demonstration that is short and to the point. You also need to have handouts prepared to give to the people that are interested.


5) Collect endorsements


One celebrity or one athlete can sell more for you than anyone else. People buy what their favourite entertainer recommends, even if the star knows absolutely nothing about the product.

You can use the herd mentality of star worship by contacting local and national celebrities and requesting an endorsement of your product or service. Expect to get a lot of turndowns – but that one “yes” can make your business a household name though social media.