The Digital Tsunami: Extraordinary Digital Thinkers, Part 3

March 4, 2014

by Bruce Nickson

In this, the third instalment of the recap of the February 20th BCAMA Evening Speaker Series event, The League of Incredible Digital Thinkers, Dean Elissat of Engine Digital talks about the digital tsunami heading our way.

Dean gave a very good imitation of a person with a severe vacation hangover on his first day back at work.

Pages from Dean Elissat  PresentationAs in: “I have to give a presentation? Tonight?Nobody told me!  Oh crap.”

When he got down to business, however, it was suck it up, game on and back to it… The presentation, that is.

The thing that struck me most was a number Dean brought out at the onset. That number was 25%. That is the average spend of traditional Pages from Dean Elissat  Presentation-2vs. digital marketing in a typical budget. As in the client saying: “We have 1 million dollars to give you and we want you to spend $250,000 on the digital component. ‘That makes me very happy” says Dean.

The real problem is that this number hasn’t changed over the past several years. Dean added, “and that’s what scares me. Because from our perspective, everything is digital.”

Let’s start with some small numbers and then move on to some big ones. Right now, there are, on average, something like 5 to 15 digitally connected devices in the average household. There are over 10 billion digital devices in the whole world, and there are only 7 billion of us. It is said that there will be 200 billion digital devices in less than 10 years. $260 billion was spent on ecomm last year. There have been 60 billion iPhone apps downloaded (and a few Android ones as well). There are 1.2 billion Facebook users.

untitledAnd kids! What do they do all day? They’re spending 8 hours a day online. And they’re supposed to be in school for 8 hours a day. And presumably they sleep. So what in the world are they doing? And the kids I know, like my 20-year-old son, say that number’s not enough. It’s way more than that.

“There’s a huge wave heading for the marketing community and it’s crashing on us. It’s not happening 20 years from now. This is happening right now! And it’s really depressing, because clients are spending only 25% of their budget on digital.”Pages from Dean Elissat  Presentation-4

“So I want to share a few things. You may agree, you may disagree…:”

“We (digital marketers) don’t think of people as consumers. We see them as users. In the digital space, it’s all about behaviour.”

“Digital is a cultural tool. Not a mechanical tool to sell product.” However, digital, because of its interactive nature and behavioural base, needs to delivery utility. That is, the user interacts with you and derives or perceives value without purchasing (yet). Digital wants users to say ‘Isn’t this useful?’.”

“So digital marketers shouldn’t be focused on beating their competitors – they should be focused on going far past them.”

“In the digital space it is crucial to be personal. Has anyone tried to market to tweens?Pages from Dean Elissat  Presentation-5 It’s really hard.” Statistics show that when you are personal online, your results really improve.”

“Who would you rather be right now? Among the crowd with hundreds of thousands of people? Or…”

“This is your day. You spend it doing a million things. Would you rather be doing that, or just doing one thing really really well? So, form a culture around your product or service. Stay away from the staus quo.”

Pages from Dean Elissat  Presentation-6

Stay tuned for Part 4 of The League of Extraordinary Digital Thinkers coming soon.

The next BCAMA event will be the Breakfast Speaker Series event Next Generation Digital Storytelling Panel on March 27th.