The Best Newsletters to Subscribe to for Marketers

July 11, 2021

Newsletters to sign up for

How many emails did you get today? In this modern world of attention-seeking brands and businesses, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. We personally feel that email newsletters are still extremely valuable (hey, you probably got here through our newsletter) if the content is good. So we’ve put together a list of 6 marketing newsletters that we think have excellent content and which we recommend you sign up for.  

Marketing Brew: Got five minutes? Marketing Brew ensures that they can make you smarter. Morning Brew (the parent newsletter for general business) defines itself as a media and marketing company redefining the business news landscape through approachable, digestible casual content. Their content spans across all platforms; newsletters, podcasts, social media, and in person events (pre-COVID). They have amassed an impressive 3 million readers since they first started in 2015 and they vow to make your subscription worth your while.

Digiday: Digiday provides a global perspective of the marketing and technology industry, giving a vast outlook. This newsletter often provides subscribers all sorts of ways to get more involved; through their website, email, podcasts, magazine, and in person events (pre-COVID). This newsletter provides information to media and marketing professionals and always sends the most exciting stories every morning straight to your email inbox.

BCAMA Newsletter: Look, we had to put ourselves in here, right? Our BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association is one of the most trusted professional marketing associations in BC and is the newsletter to subscribe to if you want local marketing news. Our newsletter includes plenty of marketing and media related information and resources, but we like to add a certain flavour specific to the local market….because we love to feature the amazing work of BC brands. And, in case you need one more reason, we’ve been operating for 65 years, which means that we’ve helped nurture and support countless marketing professionals throughout the Province. 

Top Marketing Newsletters

Adobe: Adobe provides highly insightful and educational interview sessions from marketing experts and established professionals. This newsletter provides thoroughly cultivated research and insights to help all marketing experts, digital or traditional, get the best out of today’s highly technological and digital marketing landscape.

Hubspot’s Marketing Blog Newsletter: HubSpot’s Marketing Blog newsletter sometimes advertises its company’s new and highly informative articles. HubSpot articles provide a lot of marketing related information, such as on blogging, search engine optimization, social media, lead generation and creating your own email marketing newsletters. Ultimately, HubSpot truly is one of the leading companies in terms of marketing and media.

Unbounce: Founded by the same people behind the immensely popular site, Unbounce, this newsletter features all of the best content possible in terms of marketing, media and technology. However, their topics can sometimes diversify; there also are articles on illustration, graphic design, and B2B. Unbounce is the perfect tool to get your creative juices flowing as a marketing professional to create the perfect campaign.

Written by Jane Diokpo