Stay Ahead of the Game – October 3 Breakfast Speaker Series – Last Chance to Register

October 2, 2013

 The BCAMA is kicking off the new Breakfast Speaker Series on October 3 with a panel discussion moderated by Shawn Neumann of Domain 7.

In advance of the event, we are asked the panelists some “get to know you” questions. We’d like you to meet Nancy Richardson VP Digital and Brand Strategy, Lululemon

BL2jO4YCEAAwnp01) What social media online tool do you enjoy using?


2) What is your favourite ad campaign (digital, print or tv) and provide the ad or video if possible?


3) What motivates you to stay ahead of the game?


4) They say breakfast food fuels your brain. What is your favourite breakfast food?

Smoothie with coconut milk, raspberries, ice, kale, and protein powder.628px-Boerenkool