Top 4 Reasons Why SEO Is Important For Your Business

February 4, 2018

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to digital marketing tactics that increase a website’s ranking on major search engines such as Bing and Google by improving a website’s on-site and off-site elements.

SEO is an integral part of a company’s digital marketing strategy for the following four reasons:

1)  It Generates Quality Website Traffic

Online users who visit a website via a search engine such as Google are generally more qualified prospects than users who land on a site via other channels, such as AdWords or Facebook ads. The reason is that users who visit a site via a search engine are actively and intentionally seeking a product or service online by using targeted keywords, such as Nike shoes or Vancouver coffee shop. Conversely, users who visit a site through another channel, such as a Facebook ad, could visit the site by inadvertently clicking on an ad.

By investing in SEO and improving your search ranking, you can increase your exposure in search results and generate more qualified prospects to your website!


2)  It Forces You to Keep Your Website Content Updated

A crucial aspect of SEO is creating relevant and fresh content that contains pertinent keywords users search for. Google crawls and indexes your website and ranks your site for related keywords based on key terms on your website.











For example, if you’re an online retailer who sells electronics and you write an article about the Sony DSCHX350/B 20.4MP 50x optical zoom compact camera, your article will rank for targeted keywords such as Sony camera, compact camera, and zoom camera.

By writing such articles, you will not only generate organic traffic for pertinent search queries but also give existing customers or prospects incentives to visit your website and learn about the latest technology, products, or news. This creates opportunities for your website to acquire or retain customers.


3)  It Reduces AdWords Search Campaign Spend

If your website ranks first or second in Google search results for targeted keywords, such as Toyota Corolla or Vancouver Honda (assuming you’re a car dealership), you can reduce your ad spend on Google search campaigns because you’re already appearing at the top of search results for profitable and targeted keywords. There’s no need to spend advertising dollars on search queries you’re currently ranking competitively for.











Instead of spending advertising dollars on search campaigns, you can use the budget for other aspects of your business, such as employee training or equipment upgrades.


4)  It Helps You Gather More Customer Data

An increase in organic traffic to your website allows you to collect more data on which keywords shoppers use to land on your website, via tools such as

You can use the insights to write more targeted meta tags or product descriptions to rank for relevant search keywords that customers use to find products or services you offer.











For example, if you’re Evo Car Share and you discover that 30% of your organic traffic users use the keywords Vancouver car sharing to visit your website, you can include those keywords in blog posts or to rank for those search terms.

SEO is a crucial component of your business because it pushes you to keep your website content updated and allows you to attract qualified customers, gain customer insights, and reduce your AdWords search ad spend.

Hence, it’s important for every company to dedicate a portion (approximately 10% to 20%) of their digital marketing efforts to SEO – whether this means hiring a part-time SEO specialist or outsourcing to an agency.

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Written by Ray Wang