Ryan Holiday – American Apparel

May 17, 2013

Ryan-Holiday-Head-Shot-WebDid you know…

  • That Ryan is currently working on two new books: a full-length book about stoicism and a Kindle single?
  • That Ryan wants you to help him with another new project? Check out his blog to find out how!
  • That Ryan devours books, that he keeps every book he buys, and that he maintains a Books to Base Your Life On Reading List?
  • That in 2011, Ryan he packed up everything and moved to New Orleans, where he currently lives with Hanno, his “rebellious” (and adorable) puppy?
  • That Ryan tries to blog about things that he wishes other blogs would talk about more often, such as life, humility, philosophy, reading and strategy? He also wishes that blogs would talk about those things in a thoughtful and practical way, not in bulleted lists… Whoops, sorry about these bullet points, Ryan!

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