Quite the EVENT to End What’s Been Quite a Year

June 17, 2013

By Bruce Nickson

Tomorrow (June 18th) from 6 to 9 pm, the BCAMA is hosting THE EXPERIENTIAL EVENT at TELUS World of Science. It promises to be a “can’t miss” event.

We’ve had quite a year. We’ve had BIG DATA. We’ve had smarty-pants marketers telling us what to focus on and how. We’ve had talks about maggot-sucking consumers. We’ve had lots of stuff.

And now it’s about the Experience. Ummm, but I have a slight issue with the term “experiential marketing” – which is also known as events marketing, party marketing, engagement marketing, etc. Is it another rubric thrown down to get clients’ attention?

Basically, it’s about any event designed to get consumers directly and personally involved in the design and deployment of a brand. It’s live, it’s designed by experienced practitioners and, if well done, it works.


It’s really different from digital, which assumes a skinny ass placed on a seat in front of a device making purchase decisions, and because it involves HUGE human management skills. And it’s a lot different from the software development skills associated with the “build a better widget” of typical SaaS (Software as a Service) marketing.

What do skydiving, concerts and birth all have in common?  They are all amazing occasions that need to be experienced first-hand, not retold.  If you’re a believer in experience, the next big thing is coming up at Science World tomorrow (June 18th) and if you miss it, don’t expect anyone to be able to tell you about it.  This isn’t another panel of speakers; this is an experiential event about experiential marketing.

There’s a reason why our speakers are marketing leaders in their respective spaces – they understand how to connect with their audience.  If you want to experience first-hand what marketers are doing in your own backyard, we’ll be sharing everything from BIG IDEAS to smart tactical executions.

If you’re still not convinced, come and find out why Alex Bogusky (of Crispin Porter + Bogusky) had this to say after interviewing Max Lenderman. www.maxlenderman.com

Ladies and Gentlemen, this promises to be an event. I mean EVENT.

Bruce Nickson is employed in the sales and marketing of engineering services and is embarking on (yet another) startup in the technology space.

Get your tickets right now for THE EXPERIENTIAL EVENT, featuring Kenny MacIntyre of Red Bull, Max Lenderman, Kerri Buschel of WorkSafeBC, and Kevin Kinghorn of Canucks Sports & Entertainment!