Q&A with Rebecca McMillan

October 5, 2020

Once a month we do a Q&A with a senior marketer in BC. To kick things off, we’re starting with one of our very own.

Rebecca McMillan

2020/2021, BCAMA President | VP & GM at Camp Pacific

<h2>What was your first marketing job?</h2>

My very first marketing job might just have been for myself at age 11 when I made flyers to promote my babysitting services. I designed the flyer myself (with markers), went to the library to have them photocopied and then strategically put them into the mailboxes of houses which I knew had young kids in my neighbourhood. It worked! I booked a few regular clients from that flyer. My first marketing job once I graduated from BCIT was for a national backpacker’s chain when I was 22. It was incredibly fun! It allowed me to be creative with my promotions and it truly was the start of me falling in love with the idea of growing businesses and considering my own entrepreneurial capabilities.

What do you do now?

I am the Vice-President and General Manager of Camp Pacific. Camp Pacific is a modern web design and development agency placing a prime importance on accessible web. On any given day I could be writing a strategic marketing plan for a client’s digital efforts or sitting in on a User Experience testing session. My daily activities are extremely varied which I am grateful for and I get to work with really cool colleagues and clients I adore. It’s been over 20 years but eventually you can create roles for yourself in the marketing community that you love! So, to the more junior members of our community, hang in there and soak up all you can learn from whichever role you have in the moment. 

Why did you originally join the BCAMA?

I thought it was extremely exciting to belong to a professional association as a new marketing grad. I loved attending the BCAMA events and mingling with other marketing professionals, especially more seasoned ones, I felt like “an adult”. I might have even carried around a briefcase at some events?! 

What’s in store for the BCAMA in the near future?

Our strategy for the year is to build a digitally forward and sustainable BCAMA organization,  reputed as valuable to our community. I am so proud of our board for the year we have planned. One of our themes is to communicate and engage as much as possible with the BC marketing community. We know it has been a tough year for many members of our community and our aim is to continue to support in a variety of ways. We are also focusing on a strong digital presence due to the strange pandemic times we continue to find ourselves in but we’re hopeful for a return to meeting in person again next year at some point. We have some excellent speaker events lined up, new programs being trialed, and some fun social events in the books. We are not slowing down! 

What’s your one piece of advice to marketers in BC right now?

Just as the BCAMA plans to do this year, also focus on communicating and engaging. We need to be there for each other more than ever before. If there is someone you can help by making an introduction for them, writing them a review on LinkedIn or even catching up for a 15 minute FaceTime – give that five or ten minutes each week – I guarantee that it will mean a lot to someone that really needs it in our community.

I’m not sure who this quote belongs to but it has really resonated with me and it’s a nice one for each us to reflect on – “At the end of the day, it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished. It’s about what you’ve done with those accomplishments. It’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.”

About Rebecca:

Rebecca’s 20 year plus career success revolves around her ability to create winning strategies that help businesses grow, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit. She spends her day-to-day working at a senior executive level to drive businesses forward.