PURE Networking Event Recap

July 10, 2012

By Sabrina Santoro

On June 27, 2012, I attended the BCAMA PURE Networking event at Relish GastroPub & Bar, along with more than 40 other attendees. Relish, a casual venue with friendly staff, did a great job of hosting the event. Their special of the evening was Granville Island Brewing’s False Creek Raspberry Ale, which paired very nicely with the meats, cheeses and veggies that were served.

I was curious as to why attendees – who were in a wide range of professions, from sales and marketing to the medical field – attended BCAMA events, so I asked a few people for their thoughts.

Past member Francois Mayer, who mentioned that he has been a member on and off for the past 10 years, attends three to four events per year in order to get a sense of what’s happening in the community. He feels that “the human touch” is an important part of connecting with others.

Kristopher Hermkens, Account Manager at Growth Media North America Inc. and a BCAMA member for three years, said, “The PURE Networking events are my favourite because they’ve had a direct impact on my career and the path I’ve taken.” Kristopher elaborated by saying that at the first PURE Networking event that he attended, he met his mentor, which eventually led to meeting the team at Growth Media North America Inc.

I also had the opportunity to talk to Jay Cloutier, who is the Manager, Client Success Team Western for Marketwire. Jay is based in the Calgary office, so I just had to ask what brought him to an event in Vancouver. He said that a colleague in Marketwire’s Vancouver office encouraged him to attend the May 2012 VISION Conference. That, in turn, led to him attending the PURE Networking event. Jay said, “The conversations at BCAMA events range from light and casual to deep and intelligent, and everyone is so pleasant and easy to approach. And it’s always great to hear from industry professionals about emerging trends in the industry.” He went on to say, “Marketwire is approaching a new chapter, where we will be pushing out constant innovation around optimized content distribution – including SEO/social media before, during and after distribution. This is a huge part of the MarCom industry that is growing in importance, so having a presence at BCAMA will be very important to our future.” Jay added that his Vancouver colleagues attend almost every BCAMA event and he looks forward to joining them the next time he is in Vancouver.

Midway through the evening, BCAMA president Steve Kim announced that Kirk Robinson, Sumari MacLeod and Jay Cloutier were the winners of some great door prizes, thanks to our generous BCAMA sponsors.

For information on future BCAMA events, please check out the BCAMA Events Calendar.

This posting was written by Sabrina Santoro, Marketing Specialist at Philips Ledalite, a manufacturer of lighting systems and technologies for commercial and institutional buildings around the world. Thanks, Sabrina!

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