Steve Mossop

President, Insights West

Steve Mossop is President of Insights West, a progressive, full-service marketing research company that offers insights-driven solutions via leading-edge tools and normative databases to public and private sector clients in Western Canada. Incorporated in the spring of 2012, Insights West now has 20 employees and has one of the largest, most engaged online consumer panels (30,000 people) in Western Canada.  Insights West has publicly released over 150+ different opinion polls on topics as diverse as municipal and provincial elections, bridge tolls, bike lanes, charitable giving, gas fracking, road safety, cyber bullying, employee satisfaction, sexual harassment, and many other topics and his firm has correctly predicted the outcomes of 23/23 elections we have covered.

Steve is a frequent public speaker in British Columbia. His accomplishments include launching Insights West to be the fastest-growing BC market research company in the past four years, winning BCAMA’s 2001 Marketer of the Year Award, and winning Business in Vancouver’s “Top 40 Under 40” award in 2006. Steve was chair of the BCAMA’s Senior Executive Program for four years, an exclusive group of BC’s top marketers that meets once per month throughout the year. Steve is an active member of EO Vancouver, and he holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Simon Fraser University with a concentration in Marketing.

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