Russel Dubree

Growth & Culture Advisor, Performance Faction

My name is Russel Dubree, I’m a business coach. I’m insanely passionate about helping business owners scale their business in a way that brings profit, purpose, and meaning in their lives. I live and breathe the study of what it takes to run an effective business.

I’ve been a USAF officer, air traffic controller, airfield manager, bank supervisor, bank teller, call center agent, lifeguard, factory worker, lawn mower, paperboy, gas station attendant, painter, cemetery maintenance worker, furniture mover, comedy club bouncer, entrepreneur, CEO, COO, CFO, project manager, account manager, office manager, bookkeeper, HR administrator, content writer, data analyst, recruiter, benefits specialist, sales lead, marketing coordinator…and many more. Most of those roles were under the umbrella of the business I founded with nothing to an eventual sale with an 8-figure valuation. I’m pretty sure I left out a lot more.