Paul Dasan-Cutting

Paul Dasan-Cutting

Innovation Product Owner, Marks & Spencer

An insight-driven thought leader within technology, Paul’s passion is bringing new concepts to old problems, whether that is a new technology or process, or empowering teams to try new innovative ways of working. Paul is a firm believer that using data at every point of the development lifecycle enriches the products being created, but also ensures that only value-driven features are prioritised and worked upon.

Paul has been in Technology for the best part of 15 years and has worked in a wide range of domains such as banking, healthcare, construction and now retail; with roles covering testing, software engineering and innovation. Throughout all of this, he has always stayed close to the end-user to foster a collaborative approach between technology and the business.

When he isn’t running ideation sessions at work or supporting company-wide hackathon events, Paul can usually be found trying to make his home even more smart or cycling in a virtual world.




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