Nola Martin


Vice President Marketing, Ocean Brands


Nola currently leads the marketing efforts for Ocean Brands, a national distributor of ambient seafood.  Through the past few years, she has worked to revitalize and reposition the Ocean’s, Gold Seal and Millionnaires brands and is working ensure that these brands deliver positive impact for our environment.  Within her role, she is also responsible for new business development, specifically focused on acquisitions, and is busy integrating a US based company that was recently acquired.

Throughout her career, Nola has developed skills in marketing, sales, strategy, insights, and innovation across several tier 1 CPG and smaller organizations in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.  Leading large and small teams, she has built strategic insights, customer marketing and sales expertise for these organizations, improving business performance.

Believing in the power of curiosity and a drive to continually improve, Nola continues to seek out new learning experiences for herself and her team.  Throughout her career, Nola has been both a formal and informal mentor and mentee, realizing that to develop your true potential, requires support and input from many.

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