Michel Hogan

Independent Brand Counsel


Michel, an Independent Brand Counsel, has advised organizations for over two decades on the risk to their purpose and values of making promises they can’t keep, and on achieving alignment between who they are, what they say and what they do. So whether they’re offering up products, services or ideas, nothing gets in the way of their success and a robust, resilient brand result.

Michel works with a diverse range of clients—including small-to-medium size enterprises, start-ups, individuals, larger corporations and non-profits. Some are laying the foundations for new ventures. Others are responding to changes in the expectations and needs of their customers and employees. Still others are in the process of reinventing themselves to take advantage of new opportunities. She is also part of Vancouver’s Living Brand Result team, working to embed a practice of deliberate experience to help you thrive in today’s economy.

She is a sought-after contributor and speaker on brand, promises and experience. Since 2008 she has written a weekly blog for online business site SmartCompany and is the author of two books. Between Making Money and World Peace talks about the role that purpose and values play in brand. Her new book, The Unheroic Work, captures how to bring your purpose and values to life across what you do and how you do it, and why the brand is a result of the promises you keep.