Joe Graham

Joe Graham

Associate Vice President Marketing

Joe Graham is the Associate Vice President of Marketing at Nature’s Path Organic Foods, North America’s BEST and largest organic breakfast company (try our Organic Coconut Cashew Granola!).

Currently responsible for overseeing the marketing department at Nature’s Path, I lead an exceptional team of marketers across innovation, brand, digital, & communications, who are fiercely devoted to “Leaving the Earth Better” by changing the way we grow, make and eat food. While I love the variety offered to CPG marketers, I’m a huge data nerd. I get incredibly excited about the possibilities new technologies offer, and how advancements in technology and data availability have exponentially increased and improved marketing’s ability to help business grow.

But what I’m most passionate about is my people. As a mom to two young boys, I’ve been extremely blessed to have been supported by wonderful leaders and mentors as I’ve navigated the journey into parenthood. I’m dedicated to paying it forward and am deeply committed to helping as many people as possible achieve both their professional and personal goals during times of major life & career change.

In my spare time, I love spending time with my family, and volunteer with the ALS Society of BC, leading the Richmond/Vancouver Walk to End ALS volunteers. Our signature fundraising event each year, we provide community and raise funds for those suffering from the devastating impacts of ALS.

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