[Closing Note] Cameron Wykes

Cameron Wykes

VP, Head of Content, Media.Monks


As “VP, Head of Content” for MediaMonks, Cam helps grow the brand and the business in Toronto. Drawing upon his deep experience in brand design and strategy, Cam has helped lead the development of notable brand experience campaigns – understanding what ultimately motivates consumers, from habits and consumption data to social influence and digital brand engagement. Cam has built and successfully grown a number of digital agencies, hiring, mentoring and leading his teams through aggressive growth mandates with strong cultures, award-winning creative and healthy profit margins. Some of his leadership positions include VP, Digital Experience – Innocean Worldwide, Chief Experience Officer – PwC’s Digital Accelerator / Experience Centre, EVP, Chief Invention Officer – KBS+ Canada (Toronto + Montreal).



Brands in the Metaverse

More than just a new digital frontier for growth, the metaverse is an extension of ourselves.

As social engagement and the technologies that drive it continue to evolve, we see new cultural norms and personal identities unfolding. Progressive brands have an opportunity to engage with their audience on a whole new level by taking key steps towards brand virtualization. The future is friendly!


  • The metaverse and why it matters
  • How brand experiences will fundamentally change
  • Practical steps brands can take to get started