President’s Message

December 12, 2011

Legacy: making marketing history

It is a tremendous honour and privilege to serve as the President of the British Columbia chapter of the American Marketing Association (BCAMA).The BCAMA is an organization with an incredible tradition, and is the premier resource for marketing professionals in our beautiful province. In fact, it is a chapter that has been recognized as a leader amongst over 70 sister chapters in the North American AMA family. I am proud and humbled at the opportunity to continue the BCAMA legacy, and lead this respected organization into the new year.

Our chapter is rich with stories of successes, failures, innovation and resiliency. I’m proud to say that our chapter has nurtured the careers of thousands of marketing professionals of all ages and backgrounds. But most importantly, it has, and always will be, a network of marketers that strives to innovate, educate and inspire future generations of marketing leaders. Quite the legacy indeed.

As I begin as President in our chapter’s 56th year, I believe our current dynamic market landscape puts us in a unique position. Overcoming the economic and technological challenges of recent years has highlighted the incredible resilience and hard-earned wisdom of the British Columbia marketing community. Our enduring success is an encouragement to celebrate our storied past and reflect on our unknown yet promising future.

As an organization, a profession and a community, we have witnessed great marketing successes and lived through failures. We have grown during the booms. We have risen to meet new challenges during busts. We have embraced new technologies, consumer behaviours and cultural changes to not only survive but thrive in an ever-changing world.

So when I look ahead, I believe we are on the cusp of a new wave of opportunity. Having just experienced the ‘Great Recession’, we have reset ourselves to take advantage of what’s to come. How will all things digital – online, social and mobile – affect our strategies and media mix? How will we improve our competitiveness in the global arena? How will we inspire the next generation of marketers and build leaders in our field? These are the important questions we must answer.

Fortunately for us, I believe that the answers we seek for the coming years can be found by examining the lessons learned by our leaders of today, and enriched by blending that with the wisdom gained from our members’ past successes. This is why I believe the BCAMA is just as relevant as a resource – if not more! – for our community of marketers than ever before.

We, as an organization, will carry the torch from our predecessors to ensure the BCAMA continues as this province’s resource for marketing excellence while celebrating new legacies for future generations of marketers to come.

Bearing this in mind, I’m confident this year our programming line up will offer timely topics and remarkable speakers that will inspire and empower our marketing community to reach new heights. Highlights include:

  • Celebrating the BCAMA’s 41st Annual Marketer of the Year Gala, with top honours going to the PNE;
  • Delivering valuable case studies and professional development via the BCAMA Breakfast Speaker Series (BSS) and Special Interest Groups (SIGs);
  • Enhancing and growing our Senior Executive Program (SEP)
  • Expanding the social circle of our PURE Networking events, including new media integration for both online and offline guests;
  • Raising the bar on evening Speaker Series events; and,
  • Inspiring marketing excellence and bringing the community together at our annual VISION Marketing Conference.

I encourage you to attend our events and to meet our dedicated Board of Directors, helpful staff and enthusiastic volunteers to learn more about the BCAMA and how it can add value to your career. None of our activities would be possible without these people’s leadership and passion for our profession. I also encourage to you support our sponsors and partners, because their generosity allows us to deliver on our mandate to the marketing community and create new legacies for the future.

I would also like to personally thank Darrell Hadden, our previous President; his leadership and dedication to the BCAMA has set a strong foundation for growth.

Let’s make marketing history together.

Steve Kim
2011/2012 BCAMA President