New Look – New Feel – New Content – New Strategy

March 2, 2013

by Bruce Nickson

BCBusiness undergoes more than just a makeover…

Rebranding or relaunching, or whatever you want to call it, is as fraught with risk and adrenalin-inducing nightmares as any new venture or start-up. The risks of getting it wrong are equally great, and the repercussions of the rebrand going sideways, for whatever reason, can turn what was formerly a solid, respectable market presence into a ghost of its former self. Or not… So, when you find out that the venerable “since 1973” BCBusiness is going through a major change, ya gotta pay attention.

In conversation with Tom Gierasimczuk, the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, I was able to learn a bit about how BCBusiness went about redoing the brand to bring both the print magazine and the digital presence into the present market realities.

Tom explains that ‘we must be true to our readers’ defines the impetus behind the decision to re-examine the content strategy for the relaunch. “What this means in real terms is increased and, we hope, livelier mobile, digital and print content across a range of industry verticals,” Tom says. There is the print magazine, of course, but also look for an iPad app, a new enewsletter, an emagazine and, of course, a measurable and trackable site presence.

“We have to be as nimble as possible, sort of emulating blogging activity, to be responsive to events and the news,” added Tom. “Also, we have to remember that this is a publication that is read by the British Columbia business community, and it’s one in which there is considerable regional pride. People know that it’s tough to do business here, but businesses are here for a reason; otherwise, they would be in Calgary or Toronto.”

It was interesting to learn that this was an in-house effort. No fancy-pants agency stuff going on here. (Sorry, guys.) Look for responsive content and micro brands within the magazine being run by specific industry-vertical editors.

Watch for Part 2 of this blog posting, a recap of the BCBusiness Relaunch Party, which is being held on March 5.

Bruce Nickson works in marketing and sales in engineering services. He once held the job title of Executive Director.