Neo Matrix for Content Marketing Teams

August 28, 2014

Review by: Lionel Matecha, BCAMA

Author Chris Lake asks some interesting questions about content teams, their skills and strategy elements in his article for Econsultancy. His answer is the Content Marketing Team Matrix. If nothing else it’s nice to see all of the team members listed with descriptions of their roles but in fact the matrix looks like a good reference tool.

To quote the author: “…content strategy is such a big subject that it merits a table of its own, or something similar. There is much to be said about audiences, legacy content, global vs local approaches to management, team workflow, brand guidelines, and countless other important things.”

Chris’ content marketing matrix also incorporates a workflow model from Direction and Insight to Feedback and Reporting. Nicely done!

image courtesy Chris Lake

While you’re at it take a look at his Periodic Table of Content Marketing from earlier this year as well.