The Value of a BCAMA Membership

The BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association offers everything you need to take your marketing career to the next level — a diverse membership base, expert-lead programs, and access to the American Marketing Association’s rich catalogue of resources.

Members get access to over 70 professional chapters across Canada, the United States, and Mexico, as well as top-tier training programs, exposure to the latest tools and tactics, and opportunities to engage with marketers around the world. Join the BCAMA today to expand your knowledge and network.



What’s In It For You

BCAMA membership includes each of the following benefits:


The Network

The BCAMA connects you with over 350 members in British Columbia, and brings you closer to the AMA’s 38,000 worldwide members.

Having recently made an informal alliance with west coast AMA chapters, our members are able to connect with and learn from thousands of North American marketers.


The Events

Over the course of a calendar year, the BCAMA offers educational, social, and professional events. Members receive a discounted event rate, saving up to 33% on each event. Check out our events calendar for more information.


The Resources

Members of the BCAMA receive access to marketing resources such as member-only content, the AMA Marketer’s Toolkit, AMA e-Newsletters and more. Members also receive $150 USD in subscriptions to AMA’s marketing magazine, and their choice of one other AMA publication. Learn more about the AMA publications here.


The Career Opportunities

The BCAMA Job Board is an employment search centre that provides access to hundreds of professional postings in marketing and other industries. It also offers other resources, such as information related to job hunting, acing interviews, and building a reliable resume.


AMA Membership Fees

The AMA has many different membership types to fit your needs. Please note the costs are in USD, as your AMA membership provides international access to the entire suite of membership benefits and privileges.

Category Cost (USD) Chapter Fee (USD) Application Fee (USD)*
Professional/Academic $195 $50 $30
Group: 4 – 9 members $215 per member Included Waived
Group: 10+ members $190 per member Included Waived
Young Professionals

Available for 3 years immediately following completion of undergraduate degree

$105 $50 Waived
Doctoral $105 $50 Waived
Student $50 Waived Waived




Still have questions? Contact our membership team.  Already a member? Renew your membership today.