Meet Mike Krafczyk from St. Bernadine

January 16, 2014

The advertising industry is evolving rapidly. In order to stay ahead, you need to be innovative, creative and apply forward thinking to your audience’s changing needs.

BSS-home-page-banner-Jan30-2014-2 BCAMA is bringing together some of the advertising industry’s top innovators and creatives to share their insights, ideas and tips for the coming years. Our panel of experts will discuss:

  • What the advertising industry will look like in three to five years
  • How consumer consumption will impact the direction of the industry
  • The role of digital and how it will evolve
  • How to prepare for and implement change
  • Managing and maximizing successful ad agency partnerships

To get to know the panellists a bit better in advance of the event, we asked them a few questions.

mike-krafczykMike Krafczyk, Partner, Client Services at St. Bernadine gives a bit of a preview into what makes him tick.

 Favourite current campaign: I like the Allstate Mayhem campaign with Dean Winters. It’s just a really simple, engaging and instantly recognizable platform for talking about one of the dullest topics imaginable. Plus, it just makes me laugh.

Least favourite campaign: All fragrance advertising. I keep hoping for someone in that industry to come out and admit they’re just kidding, but so far, no one is stepping forward.

Hobby: I’m a bit of a political junkie. I just find the intersection of politics, media and culture fascinating. So I spend way too much time reading political blogs and watching cable news. I should probably take up gardening. I’m also in three football pools.

What motivates us to stay ahead?: I’ve always believed we’re in the service business. It’s about solving problems for our clients. There are new tools and new examples to inspire you every day. You have to stay on top of things, or you can’t help people. That’s what really motivates us.

 Favourite drink for energy: Coffee in the morning, Earl Grey in the afternoon.

This unique industry event always sells out, so be sure to register now so you can join us on Thursday, January 30th!