Meet Lance Saunders from DDB Vancouver

January 22, 2014

BSS-home-page-banner-Jan30-2014-2The advertising industry is evolving rapidly. In order to stay ahead, you need to be innovative, creative and apply forward thinking to your audience’s changing needs.

BCAMA is bringing together some of the advertising industry’s top innovators and creatives to share their insights, ideas and tips for the coming years. Our panel of experts will discuss:

  • What the advertising industry will look like in three to five years
  • How consumer consumption will impact the direction of the industry
  • The role of digital and how it will evolve
  • How to prepare for and implement change
  • Managing and maximizing successful ad agency partnerships

imagesTo get to know the panelists a bit better in advance of the event, we asked them a few questions.

Meet Lance Saunders, Executive Vice-President, DDB Canada.

What is your most favourite ad campaign and least favourite ad campaign?

Recently my favourite commercial was Apple’s Christmas iPhone ad. Put the lovely emotional holiday  sentimentality aside that they did better than anyone else at a time when many others tap that tree. My reason for loving it was the discussion that I imagined taking place in the Apple boardroom: “Wait, let’s get this straight: you want to take nearly half of our expensive one minute and thirty-second commercial reinforcing the negative of not just our product, but the entire mobile phone category, at a time when retailers all want to sell more stuff…?” And that is how Apple just got its advertising mojo back; by being, once again, as creative in their ad ideas as they are in their products. Critics online are saying “It says little about the product’’.  I agree it says very little but the takeaway says absolutely everything.

My least favourite is the Pine Brothers throat drops ad with Martha Stewart as the spokesperson, which aired in the US on the Golden Globes. If it looked like a Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit, it was in fact directed by a former SNL sketch writer. Just like some SNL skits that leave you wondering “What the hell was that all about?”, this one did too. Martha’s line, which was “ … in fact, they’re more than just a throat drop, they are an experience”, I can safely say is so far the biggest brand over-promise of 2014. Pine Brothers and Martha: ‘It’s not a good thing.’

What motivates you to stay ahead of the game?

Fear and homelessness: I have found them to be quite motivating to lean in and work harder.

What is your favourite drink to keep you energized all day?

Well, the cliché answer is coffee, but it is actually a delicious glass of chocolate milk. Recharging with chocolate milk has “the vitamins, minerals and protein that sports drinks lack. It is both an essential athletic and ad agency recovery drink.” *Note: while DDB Vancouver is, in fact, the Agency of Record for chocolate milk, Powered by Chocolate Milk, this editorial product placement was completely unsolicited, but it does in fact represent the views of DDB Vancouver.

What is your favourite hobby outside of work ?

I think a big part of why I am in advertising is a real curiosity for a lot things and, like many agency people, maybe a touch of ADD. This then carries over to my personal life as well. I have a kayak and a sport bike, I love fly-fishing, hockey and snowboarding and, more recently, I just got into photography, to name just a few. This means that I can’t do any one thing really well, but I do have a garage full of awesome equipment.

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