Math Men vs Mad Men

October 15, 2013

Tomorrow evening the Evening Speaker Series will hold Creativity versus Data: Can creativity and data co-exist in a data-driven economy?

We asked panelists to give us a brief insight into the Big Question (in 140 characters or less/more). So in no special order:

DavidDavid Gratton of Work and Play:

Big data inspires creativity. Little data measures its effectiveness.




Peter Reek of Smart Saavy (moderator)

Is data driven marketing at odds with creative excellence? Can they work together? If they can coexist – Who ‘wears the pants’?



tom ShepanskyTom Shepansky of Rethink Communications

The most powerful way to create loyal long-term believers in your brand is through a rich emotional connection delivered through an insightful creative idea.


Simon DannattSimon Dannatt of The Sound Research

Data & creative, they must co-exist and they can both ‘wear the pants’, a special pair of four legged pants. The pants are probably blue.



cameronCameron Uganec of Hootsuite

Data vs Creative is a false dichotomy, any marketer worth their salt balances both.




For more information on tomorrow evening’s event visit this link.