Insights on Insights: Alkan Tanda on the New World of Market Research

November 15, 2013

by Bruce Nickson

What can you expect in the world of market research and big data? How can you develop impactful and creative research strategies? In what ways can you utilize all your data strategically in real campaigns? What meaningful insights can be found in market research? Which research methods are best to use for campaigns?

We wanted to give you a chance to get to know the speakers in advance of the November 21st Breakfast Speaker Series event. The first up is:

Alka-Tandan-90x90Alkan Tanda Vice President, Client Services – Vision Critical

What is your most favourite ad campaign and least favourite ad campaign?

What a difficult choice to call out: RedBull is always good to watch, for example the re-release of the Stratos footage after a year of Felix’s superdive. Least favourite – I don’t understand the latest post-Jared Subway campaign with the animated monkey; for example, their Sriracha sauce promotion.

What is your favourite time of day?

The point I am most enjoying.

What motivates you to stay ahead of the game?

 Incessant curiosity – new ideas lead me to new places for discovery.

carrotsEveryone has a favourite food. What is your favourite food to keep you energized?

Carrots – my (not so secret) addiction.

Learn about trends, practical strategies, methodologies and case studies, which will help you make informed decisions for your company! November 21, bright and early.  To learn more and to register go here.