Insights on Insights: Claire Booth on the New World of Market Research

November 16, 2013

What can you expect in the world of market research and big data? How can you develop impactful and creative research strategies? In what ways can you utilize all your data strategically in real campaigns? What meaningful insights can be found in market research? Which research methods are best to use for campaigns?

Prior to the November 21st Breakfast Speaker Series event, here’s a short “get to know you” conversation with Clarie Booth, one of our speakers:

Claire-Booth-90x90Claire Booth Owner/President – Lux Insights

What is your most favourite ad campaign and least favourite ad campaign?

Favourite – One I really like is TransLink’s Pet Peeves campaign – the Funky Ferret, Birdy Big Bags, etc. I like that the campaign is grounded in cheap and cheerful research (amalgamating common complaints on TransLink’s site) and then honed through social media (the final characters were voted on through Facebook). More importantly, the ads work – I have become more aware of my behaviour (I have been guilty of Chatty Chihuahua on the SeaBus.)

Least favourite – Pizza Pops. Granted, I am not their market, but they are an easy snack. However, they have lost me as a customer because the ads are so unappetizing. Yes, I get that there is lots of goop inside a Pizza Pop. But it looks gross. Why highlight that?

What is your favourite time of day?

I get up at 5:30 am to get my swim or climb done (it’s not going to happen if I leave it till after work). I’m home by 7:15 am, which means I get an uninterrupted half hour to drink my coffee and read the paper – this is my favourite time of day. Binge-watching Breaking Bad (or whatever show I’m trying to catch up on) around 9 pm would be a pretty close second.

What motivates you to stay ahead of the game?

I like to be in the know. My clients are looking to me for insights and I need to have a 360-degree understanding of what might be driving perceptions. I read a lot. Magazines like The Atlantic and The New Yorker, Wired, Entertainment Weekly, BC Business, etc. and I also read a mix of fiction and non-fiction. Reading begets more reading, so I am always learning. And always learning keeps me motivated to stay ahead.

saltjpgEveryone has a favourite food. What is your favourite food to keep you energized?

I like anything that acts as a salt-delivery vehicle, such as homemade pasta or popcorn.

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