“…there’s still goodness in banking”

October 30, 2013

Vancity wins the BCAMA’s Marketer of the Year Award


by Layla Romero

“Vancity supports projects that are dedicated to changing lives on a local level.”

“I am speechless and have increased my respect for Vancity by 1000%, hearing that you are now certified as a living wage employer.”


“You make such a lasting impact in our communities!! Proud to be part of Vancity.”

“It’s great to have partners like you investing in empowering passionate youth to lead their community toward sustainability.”

“The hard work and free thinking is being recognized.”


“It’s only when I joined Vancity that I realized that there’s still goodness in banking.”

Banks and credit unions are unlikely to earn fervent and consistent praise from the public but, then again, Vancity isn’t your ordinary financial institution.

It’s not the numbers that tell Vancity’s story. Instead, this is a tale that’s exemplified by their members, who have sworn their allegiance to the long-standing institution, and who have earned their financial security and their lifestyle with Vancity’s support. With a knack for blending financial services, community development and even technology into its corporate culture, Vancity has cemented itself as the darling of the regional banking industry.

On Wednesday, November 6th, join the BCAMA at the Marketer of the Year Gala as this year’s winner, Vancity Savings Credit Union, shares an intimate look at how it elevated itself into the consciences (and communities!) of countless Lower Mainland residents. It’s going to be quite the event, so register here.

Layla Romero (@laylayuki) has been a member of the BCAMA Marketline Committee since summer of 2012. Her unconventional career arc has now landed her in the financial industry, where she happily spends her days planning the marketing and community outreach projects for a local credit union.