How to optimize your Instagram Page

February 25, 2019

Think of Instagram as Broadway—everyone wants to make it big on Broadway, but only a select few will succeed. And your Instagram page is one of thousands trying to make it big. Followers and audience members alike come to see something engaging and entertaining, and more potential followers wait in the wings. Your Instagram page tells the story of a brand, and you are the director of the narrative.

So, how can you optimize your Instagram page to achieve a standing ovation? Approach it scene by scene and study how the parts come together as whole, rather than focusing just on the applause at the end. A play tells a story through a sequence of well-choreographed scenes within a five-act structure: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and dénouement. This creates a visual narrative, which is what your Instagram page should do. Instagram is not just about a posted picture—it should also create a visual dialogue between the brand and the follower, just as a play creates a visual dialogue between the actors and the audience.

Act 1: Exposition

This is the introduction, where the audience is presented with important background information, such as the context, setting and characters’ back stories. For Instagram, this means starting with the profile photo. This should convey the essence of the account, so make sure it accurately represents the brand; the image and/or logo should also be easily identifiable.

Act 2: Rising Action

Rising action is a series of significant events that lead to the climax or the focal point of the story. In Instagram, this is a series of coordinated initiatives required to capture the ultimate picture:

  • Curate your posts.
  • Depending on the audience, decide whether your posts require scheduling or if spontaneous posts work better.
  • Use branded hashtags to increase engagement and brand awareness. Branded hashtags allow consumers to find more information about the brand. Your Instagram account isn’t just about your followers: it’s also about the tags and follows of your branded hashtag. Hashtags should be relevant, descriptive and not excessively long. Note: Instagram has a limit of 30 hashtags per post. Read more about optimizing your hashtags and boosting your reach.
  • Include a call to action (CTA) intended to prompt or persuade the user to perform an action. For example, Netflix has a successful CTA that asks the viewer to “See what’s next” and encourages them to click on the big red button that says “JOIN FREE FOR A MONTH”.

Act 3: Climax

The climax is the turning point in the play, the big reveal of the plot twist or, in the case of Instagram, the images. While all acts are contributing to the show, the real star is the content. Creating excellent content is key to engaging the audience because, in the end, #hashtagsarenotenough.

Act 4: Falling Action

This is when things unravel and the conflict between the protagonist and antagonist begins to sort itself out. In terms of Instagram, this means responding to comments. Customer engagement doesn’t end once a picture is posted. Communication helps build social engagement and brand. Not responding to comments is a surefire way to get booed off the stage.

Act 5: Dénouement

This is the conclusion, where everything draws to a close and the conflict is resolved. Fortunately, Instagram isn’t quite that dramatic, so let’s just give it a “like” and take a bow.

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Written by Brooke Allen