How to Integrate Google Analytics 4 with WooCommerce

May 4, 2022

Google Analytics is a Google-powered analytics tool that lets you track website behaviours, interactions, and sales. WooCommerce is an open-source ecommerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for use by small to large-sized online merchants.

You can integrate Google Analytics with WooCommerce to track both online purchases and website activities all in one Google Analytics account. This integration is also feasible with Google Analytics 4, the latest version of Google Analytics.

Here’s how you can integrate Google Analytics 4 with your WooCommerce account.

1. Activate WooCommerce Google Analytics

Go to the WooCommerce section of your WordPress website and click on Extensions. Then, click on WooCommerce Google Analytics in the main screen.

Take all the required steps to activate WooCommerce Google Analytics on your website. You can either select “Add to Site” to activate WooCommerce Google Analytics automatically, or you can download WooCommerce Google Analytics as a plugin and upload the plugin manually.

2. Copy Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID

Go to your Google Analytics 4 account, go to the admin section, click on Data Streams, and Copy your Measurement ID.

3. Paste Measurement ID in WooCommerce Google Analytics

Go to your WooCommerce section, click on Settings, Integration, and Google Analytics, and paste your Measurement ID.

Make sure items such as Enable Enhanced eCommerce and Add to Cart Events are ticked so you can track events, such as the number of times your products have been added to cart.

4. View Google Analytics 4 eCommerce Purchase Report

Once you integrate Google Analytics 4 with WooCommerce, you’ll see eCommerce purchases and data in your Google Analytics 4 Commerce Purchase Report!

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Written by Ray Wang.