9 Brilliant Modern Holiday Marketing Campaigns Worth A Look

December 14, 2020

Holiday marketing campaign

Can you believe it? The holidays are finally here. Most of us have probably halted our remote jobs to spend quality time with our families, while others are in the middle of wrapping up. But as a marketer, do not tuck away your well-utilized schedules and calendars, intricate SEO strategies, and complex analytics tools just yet! The world needs you more than ever to incite that certain heartwarming feeling of the Holiday Season. I mean, it doesn’t just come out of nowhere you know. It needs to be coerced by a particularly skillful individual. With how dreadful and draining this year has been for just about everyone, most brands are desperately making the most of some energetic and inventive ideas to get customers into the spirit of the Holidays this season – and you are just the perfect person to conjure those ideas up. Yes, you!

So it does not matter if you already have a job, are in the middle of finding a new one, are open to any freelance opportunities or are totally starting out, get ready to kick your innovative talent into full gear with this compilation of some of the most brilliant modern Christmas marketing campaigns of all time. T’is the season to get your marketing creative juices flowing, with just a little bit of inspiration from the trailblazing efforts of others. Ready, set…go!

1. Starbucks’ #GiveGood

Starbucks’ “Project Give Good” offered gift cards to customers, encouraging more coffee meetups with relatives and friends over the holidays. Starbucks also provided paper cups that had line art to be colored in by customers as a fun past time, and coaxed them to post photos of it online with the hashtag #GiveGood. What a simple but incredibly effective concept!

2. UPS’ #WishesDelivered

The #WishesDelivered campaign from UPS was inspired by Carson, a little boy from Colorado Springs who was best-buds with a UPS driver, Mr. Ernie. UPS now encourages the spread of more touching experiences with the company by the #WishesDelivered hashtag. And to spread more goodwill, they donate to charities every time the hashtag is used.

3. Burberry’s ad: Close Your Eyes and Think of Christmas by Juno Calypso

Sometimes it’s simply enough to include celebrities in your campaign to get people buzzing. This Christmas advert from Burberry features a star studded cast, including Naomi Campbell, Kristin Scott Thomas, M.I.A., and Valerie Morris-Campbell. Perhaps a really expensive approach to marketing, but definitely worth every penny!

4. Oreo’s ad: First Christmas

In this particularly humorous advert, a clerk teaches an elf how to eat an Oreo cookie properly. I think we can all relate to how aggravating it feels watching someone display poor Oreo-etiquette. And Oreo utilized that relatability for a really fun and festive skit.

5. Sainsbury’s ad: The Big Night

In this heartfelt advert, directed by Michael Gracey (the director of The Greatest Showman), a little girl overcomes her fears and shines as the North Star in a Christmas school play, making her mom proud. Sainsbury’s absolutely captures the spirit of Christmas while pulling on our heart strings.

6. John Lewis ad: Give A Little Love

An absolutely gorgeous live action/ animated advert that celebrates this season of giving with a blended mix of creative animation styles. Yet another one that pulls on our heart strings.

7. Hershey’s Who Needs Mistletoe Facebook Banner

They changed their Facebook banner to feature the slogan “Who Needs Mistletoe?”, utilizing their Hershey’s kisses trademark for a clever holiday-themed pun!

8. Budweiser’s Wise men don’t drink and drive digital ad

The brand collaborated with the Department for Transport’s ‘Think!’ project for this digital marketing campaign, endorsing their new non-alcoholic brew while discouraging intoxicated driving during the holidays. What a great message!

9. Pepsi’s ad: Gift It Forward: A Cardi Carol

And finally, this jolly collaboration with Cardi B features the grammy-winning rap artist “making it rain” for customers globally by turning Pepsi into cash. The advert coerces customers to scan their Pepsi cans for free money to be gifted to loved ones.

Written by Jane Diokpo