Five Tips for Becoming a Marketer of the Year

October 24, 2014

For 44 years, BCAMA has been recognizing a BC-based company for its outstanding marketing strategy efforts. This year’s winner, Tourism Victoria, joins a number of companies who have achieved marketing excellence. In recent years, this includes Vancity, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, Pacific National Exhibition, Rocky Mountaineer and many more. The question remains: what does it take to become BC’s Marketer of the Year?

Each year, the BCAMA hand-picks an esteemed panel of judges from a variety of marketing disciplines. The panel of judges selects a deserving company that has gone the extra mile to create and execute an outstanding marketing strategy with demonstrated results. Two judges from the 2014 judging panel share their tips for companies who want to become a future Marketer of the Year winner.

1. Tell the full story of your integrated marketing campaign.

According to Steve Kim, current chair of the BCAMA Marketer of the Year judging committee and President of Boilingpoint Group, companies should focus on integrated campaigns. Rather than focusing on a single area, Marketers of the Year share their success from all marketing aspects, including both traditional and non-traditional channels.

2. Follow the submission requirements.

Steve advised companies to stay within scoring parameters to minimize the chance of deductions or missed scoring opportunities. Joe Freeburn, a member of the judging committee and the program head for BCIT’s Marketing Communications program, adds that companies need to ensure they respond to all questions and sections. “Similar to marketing a term paper, you need to follow the professor’s outline,” said Joe.

3. Make the first impression count.

Joe pointed out that first impressions matter: “Make sure that the proposal reflects your brand.” Companies should consider the layout, colours and pictures presented in their proposal. In addition, Steve reminded applicants to be visual by including relevant supporting material.

4. Focus on results.

Both Steve and Joe agreed that Marketer of the Year submissions should highlight their results. “Results hold a lot of weight in terms of scoring,” said Steve. “Consider your stated goals and objectives, and tell us concisely what your achievements were.” Joe added that company proposals shouldn’t make the reader look for or calculate their results.

5. Have fun!

On a final note, Steve reminded companies to have fun. That’s why we’re in this business, right?

The Marketer of the Year’s judging panel recognizes companies that stand out by creating and executing an outstanding marketing strategy with demonstrated results. Interested in learning more about the BCAMA Marketer of the Year Award? Register today to get your tickets to this year’s BCAMA Marketer of The Year Gala!