Five Key Learnings from the Hyper Island Breakfast Speaker Series

September 25, 2014

The BCAMA Breakfast Series kicked off this week with an event that built upon our Hyper Island partnership. Bright and early on Wednesday morning, Tim Leake – SVP/Growth & Innovation at RPA in Los Angeles – joined us to share his knowledge of the digital marketing space. If you couldn’t make it out (or up for 7 AM), we’ve compiled a few key learnings from Tim’s excellent presentation.

1. Create for the medium of people.

Tim challenged the ‘digital first’ ethos (that itself only recently replaced the ‘start with a 30-second TV spot’ mentality). Instead, he advised that ideas should be led by what will resonate with people. What will human beings naturally be inclined to share? Not just in the sense of retweets and shared links, but in the literal sense: create something worth talking about.

2. Grease the points of friction.

Marketers have an objective, but so do users. Identify what it is, and what stands in their way of achieving it – then remove all the obstacles. Approaching projects through the lens of user experience and service design will help you empathize with the people you’re trying to engage.

3. Unlevel the playing field.

Instead of creating ads, why not put your marketing budget towards creating a competitive advantage? The digital space is rapidly growing and ever-changing, and offers countless opportunities to add value instead of clutter. Create products and brand experiences that give your customers a reason to believe.

4. Execution is everything.

Ideas are easy; it’s execution that’s the hard part. Don’t hire the ‘idea person’ or the agency that can best blue-sky it; instead, look for partners that are experts in execution. An idea means nothing without the skills to bring it to life.

5. Be agile in your marketing.

Borrowing from the world of agile development, marketing can and should work like this: Do, Reflect, Learn, Repeat. But it’s not easy – for this to work, the client/agency relationship needs to be one of high trust and high touch. Your agency should be your partner, and not just a service provider.

We’re grateful to Tim for the compelling presentation; it was a great start to our Breakfast Series lecture season, and we’re looking forward to bringing more leading digital thinkers and meaningful conversations to Vancouver this March, during Hyper Island’s Digital Master Class 3.0. For more information or to register, visit the Hyper Island site.