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Over the years, BCAMA events have kept BC marketers at the forefront of the industry, with formats ranging from industry panels and workshops, to thought leadership breakfasts and lunches, and casual networking socials. Our annual flagship events — the Vision Conference, Marketing Innovation Experience Conference, and Marketer of the Year Awards — will expose you to industry-leading ideas and innovators that are reshaping the marketing world.

Whether you’d like to meet other like-minded marketers, hear the latest perspectives on industry issues, or learn about new tactical strategies, BCAMA events can help you take the next big leap in your career.

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The Changing Role of The Marketer

December 6th, 2017

As new technologies become available, and new competitors enter the market, the role of Marketer is dramatically shifting. As clients demand better personalization, predictive analytics, smarter products and more data-driven campaigns, what does this...

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