Leveraging Opportunity Through Affiliate Marketing

October 28th, 2021

TLS affiliate marketing

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BCAMA’s Thought Leadership Series wraps up 2021 with an insightful panel event: Leveraging Opportunity Through Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve ever wondered what opportunities affiliate marketing could provide your brand or company, this TLS event is for you. More than ever, brands need to implement strategic programming to drive results. Affiliate marketing could unlock that potential for your campaign.

Learn about how affiliate marketing connects brands to their audiences through a powerful group of affiliates and influencers. Chances are you’ve already connected through brands this way as a consumer. Now it’s time to realize those benefits for your brand! Combined with email marketing, affiliate marketing is one of the largest sources of ecommerce income in Canada and the US and results in over 16% of all ecommerce transactions. The affiliate marketing sector is growing rapidly and is a direct line to your consumers that you don’t want to miss.

Spend an hour with marketing leaders from Blume, Best Buy, and Indochino who will share insights and examples of how affiliate marketing has contributed to their digital campaigns, customer acquisitions, and made an impact to their business.

Following the presentations, have your questions ready for a Q&A session with our panelists. Take this opportunity to learn how to leverage affiliate marketing and discover the possibilities available to brands in the growing ecommerce space.






Megan Dado

Megan Stephenson
Product Strategy Director


Megan is forever curious about what makes people tick.  Obsessed with what makes people tick, Megan has been very fortunate to drive her passion into marketing, advertising, strategy and team development for hundreds of brands/businesses.  Megan’s favorite ‘playground’ is the digital space living on the cusp of the “Influencer”, “Big Data” and “OMNI” trends. 10 years working in London England for business like Rakuten, AIMIA, Maximiles as well as consulting.  At Rakuten, the 3rd largest ecommerce business in the world, Megan lead the European Affiliate business unit with 44 team members and 425 clients in the retail space.  With Megan’s next big passion, driving results, they were able to deliver over 100% to budget with year on year revenue and profit increases of over 30% in a market only growing at 11%.

Today at RAZR brings all this together working on Product Strategy to bring sustainable behavioural change to Finance, Retail, CPG and Health and Wellness for this SasS based business. Megan is also the owner of MitMoc Advisors which focuses on Growth Consulting and ReAlignment Coaching across the professional to personal divide. She studied international business, strategic management and marketing at Capilano University in Canada and Pecs University in Hungary. In her free time she enjoys the outdoor, the arts and a busy lifestyle with her two boy and a lady pup.



Lisa C
Head of Growth

Lisa is a strategic marketer with proven experience leading acquisition and retention strategies for fast-growing D2C brands with a strong focus on omnichannel customer growth. Over the past eleven years, Lisa has held leadership roles executing digital growth agendas for numerous fast-growing high profile D2C brands. Experience includes managing online advertising for one of the largest online retailers of eyewear at Coastal.com, developing strategic digital initiatives at one of North America’s leading digital agencies, and most recently, growing and scaling revenue for custom menswear brand Indochino and clean beauty brand Blume.



Joanna Chan

Manager, Affiliate Marketing & Rewards – eCommerce

As Manager of Affiliate Marketing & Rewards for Best Buy Canada, Joanna Chan is responsible for the company’s affiliate program, first launched in 2017. Having developed, launched and scaled the program, under Joanna’s supervision it has grown to be a profitable channel and a significant source of online revenue for the company.

Joanna has been with Best Buy Canada since 2011, having started out in Retail Marketing. In her current role, Joanna leads and evolves the program strategy and annual plans to ensure it continues to have a positive impact on the business and company goals.



Stephan Lukac

Managing Director

Stephan Lukac brings a wealth of global experience as the Marketing Director of INDOCHINO where he is responsible for all Marketing and Brand initiatives for the men’s apparel company. He is a passionate Marketing technologist, that loves to straddle the worlds of Analytics, eCommerce and Brand and on the side tries to keep up with the dance schedule of four teen daughters and a very energetic puppy.







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Date: October 28th, 2021

Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Place: Zoom

Type: Panel Discussion

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