Dogs of Instagram – A Story of Success

November 23, 2015

For most companies, social media channels are a key marketing tool in promoting the business after initial inception and start-up. But for boutique dog apparel concept, Lucy & Co, things happened a little differently, having been born as a result of the shared community passion gathered from popular Instagram account, Dogs of Instagram. Early on in the photo app’s life, company Founder, Adhmed Shourbagy, thought it would be fun to create an account that celebrated people’s passion for their pups, deciding to curate photos from loving dog owners rather than post pictures himself.

As the account following grew, it wasn’t long before requests for sponsorship started flooding in. However both founders knew that the direction in which they really wanted to head was retail, so they approached companies skilled in working with different materials to make apparel specifically for dogs – and so began Lucy & Co. Throughout its journey, the company has always used social media to connect content to commerce in a very intentional way, using it as a tool to meet new customers who share similar passions and values to the brand.

Take a look at the below video. Does this change the face of social media engagement for brands?

Did You Know?

54% of Instagram users say that they follow brands on the social media channel to discover new things, 48% because they find the content funny or interesting, and 68% simply because they love the brand.