5 Digital Marketing Tactics For Canadian Small Businesses

May 14, 2020

Digital Marketing Tactics

It’s definitely an unprecedented and challenging time for Canadian small businesses as consumers are encouraged to stay home and not go out to shop or dine with friends. To combat the current tough market, many businesses are attempting different marketing tactics to maximize their sales.

Here are 5 digital marketing tactics that some small businesses are gaining positive results from:

1. Offer Online Purchasing or Consultation Services

A home improvement business I work with is offering online consultation and virtual meetings so prospects can ask questions and the company can provide estimates for home improvement projects. While the business can’t go to clients’ homes and renovate their kitchens right now, they are using online consultation to build up a lead funnel and bring in projects for the future.

2. Offer Virtual Walkthroughs

Since most automotive dealerships have temporarily closed their showrooms or are only allowing a limited number of prospects to view showroom vehicles in-person, many dealerships have produced walkthrough videos of their showroom vehicles to display their inventory. Although customers who are watching walkthrough videos may not be in the market to make purchases right now, they are doing product research and may make purchases when the pandemic is over. Hence, companies that are planning for the long term should consider producing walkthrough videos or similar tools as one way to provide useful information to online shoppers and to ensure they stay top of mind for consumers

3. Use a Google Ads Call-Only Campaign

Google Ads has recently released a call campaign that lets businesses use Google search ads that only use businesses’ phone numbers as the call to action.

Google Ads Call-Only Campaign Image

For local businesses such as restaurants or storage companies that want customers to make purchases by phone, this Google Ads campaign type is suitable for them.

4. Use Facebook Catalog as an Online Menu

Although Facebook Catalog is normally used to promote fashion or other types of consumer products, it can also be used as a food menu.

Instead of adding a pair of shoes or a sweater to the product catalog, a restaurant can add its dishes, appetizers and beverages, and then promote the catalog through Facebook and Instagram ads.

5. Offer Discounted Pricing For Gift Cards

Businesses can sell gift cards at a discount to generate cash right now. For example, a coffee shop can sell a $50 gift card for $45. While many businesses are reluctant to discount their gift cards, it’s much better to discount a gift card and make a sale today than not making a sale at all. Many businesses are in a position where they must generate some cash flow, so it’s a smart idea to create incentives for consumers to buy now.

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Written by By Ray Wang