Creating Meaning in a “Kardashian” World

February 13, 2014

A sneak preview from Sandy Fleischer, Owner & Managing Partner, Pound & Grain.

The vast amount of smartphones and tablets are creating consumers who are more 903x692connected, more informed, more demanding, and more distracted than ever before. And today’s consumers want more. Gone are the days of actively absorbing traditional advertising messages. Now they are actively seeking out the services and experiences that matter to them and improve their lives. Anything less is a waste of their time and attention. So what is a marketer to do? Great question and if you’re asking that, it is time to get a ticket for the The League of Extraordinary Digital Thinkers, the BCAMA’s next Evening Speaker Series event, because Sandy’s presentation will be focused on brand building for 2014 and beyond. He is also promising to wear his fancy presentation jeans. You’ll want to see both.

Sandy’s digital marketing playlist:

  • Is digital and the idea of marketing utility the key to redeeming ourselves from the era of the 30-second spot?
  • Can we be redeemed?
  • Are we able to create meaning for brands in a “Kardashian” world?
  • What today’s marketers need to consider about the immediate usefulness of their advertising and marketing initiatives.



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