Content vs. Advertising – This Thursday Evening

December 3, 2013

What best tells the product story: compelling content or “this will get their attention” advertising? To interrupt or not to interrupt? That IS the question.

To learn more about the latest Evening Speaker Series event on Thursday, December 5th, we asked panellists to provide a 140-character summary on what they’re bringing to the discussion.

Heidi Worthington of the BCAA had this to say:image001

“The Swiss Chalet Channel – is this branded content golden? Or is it lame (duck)?”

Heidi Worthington might stretch your view on what branded content means.



Heidi Worthington is Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at BCAA, responsible for total sales of $0.5 billion, including Membership and Insurance.


To learn more about the event, follow this link. Ready to register? Click here.