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Use Storytelling to Transform Your Marketing Messages

May 15, 2022

The best marketers are great storytellers. They don’t bore their audience with long lists of features and benefits. Instead, they craft compelling narratives that spark curiosity and elicit an emotional reaction. Place your prospects and customers at the centre of your storytelling and show them how you can help them reach their “happily ever after.”    Read More

6 Tips for Improving Your Marketing Interviews

March 30, 2022

The ability to conduct an effective interview is underappreciated in marketing. That’s a shame because interviews form the foundation of so many marketing activities. After all, marketers interview people all the time... Read More

5 Best Digital Marketing Certificates in 2022

December 4, 2021

In the world digital marketing, certificates and recommendations are still valuable at every turn of your career. They are written proof of eligibility and your commitment to your field of work. Read More

Demographics are not the default: Try looking at psychographics instead

August 30, 2021

Demographics are common population categories often used by marketers to talk about their target markets or plan campaigns. These categories include factors like age, generation, gender, ethnicity, income and education. The term itself has Greek origins and dates back to the late 16th century when census collectors and hospitals used it to track mortality rates. Read More

Mindful Marketing Retreats, Here In BC

August 26, 2021

What’s better than being part of a killer marketing strategy session where you plan out your goals and roadmap for the year ahead? Local brand marketing strategist and yoga instructor, Annabelle King is about to launch Mindful Marketing Retreats just a short hop, skip and jump away from Vancouver, on the idyllic Bowen Island. Read More

Level Up Mentorship Program

July 6, 2021

BCAMA’s new mentorship program, Level Up, has literally been changing lives. The program was conceived as a way to develop more of the best kinds of leaders, leaders who care about people. Now that our first cohort is coming to a close, we sat down with one mentor-mentee pair to ask them about their experience. Read More

‘Ask The Expert’ Networking Session @ re(VISION) 2021

April 10, 2021

Miss going to live events and connecting with other marketers? So do we, that’s why we’re offering our “Ask the Expert” networking session. This session will provide a platform for attendees to connect with industry leaders for advice, resources, tips and to help build connections. Grab your tickets if you haven’t already to take advantage Read More

6 Most Important Marketing Tips for New Entrepreneurs During the Pandemic

March 13, 2021

The last 12 months certainly disrupted the peace all around the globe. This is the dawn of a new wave of entrepreneurs, and history tells us that during adversity, many wonderful stories emerge. Read More

Top Sites for Marketing Job Hunting

January 11, 2021

The new year has arrived and, for most of us, we might be looking to make certain significant changes in our lives. We’re here to make your job search much easier with this convenient list of the best places to look for marketing roles. Read More

9 Brilliant Modern Holiday Marketing Campaigns Worth A Look

December 14, 2020

T’is the season to get your marketing creative juices flowing, with just a little bit of inspiration from the trailblazing efforts of others. Read on for 9 brilliant holiday marketing campaigns. Read More