BCAMA Vision 2016 Conference – Disruption in Marketing

April 21, 2016

Well it’s been a few weeks now since BC marketers filled the Hyatt Regency Ballroom on a beautiful Thursday morning for BCAMA’s Vision Conference 2016. This year’s conference, which celebrated its 27th anniversary as well as the 60th anniversary of BCAMA, focused on disruption and how we as marketers we can break through the vast amount of information that is out there.

Keynote speakers included three marketing visionaries: Denise Jacobs, Founder and CEO of The Creative Dose; Nicolas Draca, VP Global Demand Marketing, Twilio; and Jonah Sachs, co-founder and CEO of Free Range Studios.

The panel discussion on disruption was led by facilitator Claire Booth, Owner and President of Lux Insights, and included the following panellists: Tony Patel, VP, Monetization & Programmatic Trading, Postmedia Network Inc.; Joseph Thompson, VP Marketing & Communications, BuildDirect Technologies; Rajan Sodhi, CMO, Tuangru; and Wade Bayne, VP Marketing, Global Gardens Group.

After some early-morning coffee and networking, the festivities were kicked off by BCAMA president-elect Diane Chung, who introduced our MC for the day, Global BC’s Sonia Beeksma.

Global's Sonia Beeksma
Global’s Sonia Beeksma

To make good on our promise to make the event more interactive than ever, we held roundtable workshops facilitated by prominent Vancouver marketers including: Kevan Gilbert, Director of Engagement Strategy, Domain7; David Gratton, CEO, Work at Play; Lorraine Chisholm, Director of User Experience, Work at Play; Braden Douglas, Founding Partner & Marketing Strategist, CREW Marketing Partners; Dominic Wong, Head of Experience Design, Invoke; Carla Flamer, President, Marketing Canada, Ipsos Reid; Scott Morasch, Vice President, Ipsos Reid; Tyler Altrup, Oracle Marketing Cloud; and Sandra Marocco, Managing Director of Content and Engagement, Postmedia Network Inc.

We will be recapping the day in this four-part blog series, which will include highlights from each of the keynote presentations as well as highlights from the panel discussion on disruption and the roundtable discussions. In this post, we recap the presentation from the first keynote speaker for the day: Denise Jacobs, speaker, author, and founder and CEO of The Creative Dose.

Denise Jacobs, Founder and CEO of The Creative Dose

Denise started by taking us through her personal anguish of completing her first book and the lessons she learned. To quote Denise:

“Do you know what a six-week all-nighter looks like?”

Fortunately for us, we may not have experienced this since our university days, but Denise survived and shared some great tips with us.

Denise from HMHB explained how fear and anxiety blocks creativity and how you can identify your inner critic by listening for internal critic talk, e.g., “I shouldn’t have gone into marketing, I should have been a doctor” and identifying how your inner critic shows up:

  • By being super ultra-busy all the time, so you can outrun the critical voices
  • By comparison, i.e., “I should have achieved more by now!”
  • By thinking “They’ll find out I’m a fraud”
  • By being a perfectionist
  • By procrastinating, i.e., “I’ll do it tomorrow” (check out the Field Guide to Procrastination)

To align with the conference’s theme of disruption, Denise explained that in order to cause disruption, we have to work from the inside out. The world is a reflection of our internal world, so to cause disruption, we have to unleash creativity. But before we do that, we have to manage our thoughts and our feelings. So how do we eliminate the voices? We can’t outrun the voices, so what do we do?

  1.  Imposition mentality – That something has been put upon you, i.e., “Oh, I have to go to work.” Eliminate the language “must”, “should” and “ought”; replace it with other words, like “I choose” and “I decide.”
  2. Comparison syndrome – Don’t do it. “You can’t compare your insides with someone’s outsides.” Nobody on the planet right now, or before, or after, will be the same as you – “You just gotta do you.”
  3. Establish boundaries with social media – Stop comparing yourself with strangers, or acquaintances, or Facebook friends on social media.
  4. Reassign duties for your inner critic – Tell your inner critic to go away and come back later.
  5. Cope a power poseAmy Cuddy TED Talk

Did you know that perfectionism is self-abuse of the highest order? Perfectionists focus on the finished product rather than process itself, so how can we kill perfectionism?

  1.  Kill perfectionism by cleaning the pipes – Like in The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, write three pages a day, every day – doesn’t matter what, just write.
  2. Break perfectionism by doing something bad on purpose – Tell yourself to write a really bad sentence, paragraph, section… it’s better than nothing at all.
  3. Decouple perfection from identity – “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.” Remember that perfection and excellence aren’t the same thing.
  4. Try “satisficing” – Do your version of 80%, and remember that “done” is beautiful.
  5. Embrace failure and mistakes by copying the fail masters: children – Would anyone be walking if they gave up the first time they tried walking as a child?
  6. Replace fear of unknown with curiosity – Procrastinators have a low level of tolerance for uncertainty and the unknown.

Tips for procrastinators

  • Get things ready
  • Prioritize and move down your list to work on less important items = get something done
  • Try website blocker tools
  • Try the Pomodoro Technique

Next up: Check back here for more upcoming coverage on the BCAMA Vision Conference 2016, including the presentation by Nicholas Draca from Twilio Inc. on the Five Pillars to Modern Marketing. In the meantime, we want to give a huge shout-out to our amazing sponsors, exhibitors and the hard-working volunteers who made BCAMA Vision 2016 a huge success. Thank you!