BCAMA – It’s About Volunteers

October 12, 2013

From Zero to Hero

by Sharon McInnis

Last year, we took a good long look at this blog. We found that, quite frankly, it was terrible. There had been exactly two postings in an 18-month period, and they were real snoozers. In fact, site visitors probably went out of their way to avoid reading them. That is, of course, if they could even find the blog – access to blog was buried a couple of menus down. And, of course, there were no metrics.

Then along came Bruce Nickson, who joined the BCAMA Marketline Committee in September 2012. Bruce had noticed that the digital engagement of the BCAMA site was not exactly compelling. Actually, in his presentation to the Board about the blog, Bruce was a good bit more scathing than that. The gist was that the Association had to up its digital game.

Bruce Nickson
(Self-described “BCAMA Blog Guy”)

Bruce pointed out that the BCAMA is well-known for the quality of its thought-leading events; however, that’s “analog”. The world of marketing is increasingly digital and our blog needed to better reflect this reality. And it needed to reflect what the BCAMA is all about: member engagement, connections and education – along with a bit of entertainment, of course. Digitally.

 So we asked Bruce to lead the blog’s redevelopment. With the help of our web sponsor, Digitally Speaking, we changed the navigation to improve access to the blog and we made some other changes. Bruce wrote posts, he acquired posts from me and the other Marketline Committee members, and we asked our Blog Advisory Council for their ideas on how to improve the blog.

The results so far, including an increase in our coverage of BCAMA events and of the local marketing scene, are great. We’ve gone from pretty much “zero” and we’re well on the way to “hero”.

And, speaking of “hero”, I was very pleased to find out that the Executive of the Board  chose Bruce as the 2013 BCAMA Volunteer of the Year. Congratulations, Bruce!

OK, back to the blog: the metrics are up, people actually share the postings, and marketers are asking to contribute to the blog. More content and more engagement – and much more to come!

I asked Bruce which post he thought best represented the future direction of this blog. He said, “I think the ‘Weaponized Handbags’ post is a good template to look at. Because it’s about both the argy-bargy of business life in Vancouver and the thoughtful remarks from Peter Legge, CEO of Canada Wide Media, on the digital relaunch of BC Business, their lead brand.”

When you read the blog today, you’re getting an inkling of things to come. Watch for the expanded use of digital tools, with video snippets, a variety of pieces from regional marketers on thoughts and opinions, and news about marketing in BC. We’ll also be giving members and sponsors additional opportunities to get their news and key events out to the marketing community.

Whether it’s analog or digital, the BCAMA is striving to deliver engaging, informative, unapologetic and sophisticated content on the British Columbia marketing scene in all of its dimensions.

Look for more good stuff to come…

Sharon McInnis (@ProofingQueen), the Director of Marketline, is responsible for the BCAMA’s Marketline magazine and the blog.