BCAMA Annual General Meeting Recap

July 17, 2012

By Kristen Olsen

What happens when you put over 50 attendees in The Charles Bar, supply them with a drink and appetizers, then give a presentation highlighting the year’s accomplishments? You get a room buzzing with conversation and laughter from enthusiastic marketers – the world’s most natural networkers – for over two hours.

The Annual General Meeting on July 12, 2012 was, as always, an opportunity for members, board members and volunteers to network and bask in the benefits of membership, as well as a chance for non-members to discover the BCAMA.

Newcomer Jaylene Crick, a recruiter with Smart, Savvy + Associates, attends meetings to meet other marketers, especially as a recruiter. She stated, “I’m looking for A-players, and I want to build relationships.”

Nelida Carryer, also a newcomer to the BCAMA, is an important reminder of the global reach of the American Marketing Association (AMA). A BC member for just one month, Nelida was an AMA member when she was a PhD Marketing student at University of Valencia in Spain. She says, “I love the LinkedIn BCAMA group for all the information – the articles, the questions & answers – and the infographics are fantastic.”

For Aylin Lavalle, Director of Volunteers and a member since November 2009, the BCAMA has been instrumental to her career success. “Everything I’ve learned has helped keep my career up-to-date with marketing techniques, and helps me stay on top of trends.”

Thirty minutes into the meeting, BCAMA President Steve Kim gave a short presentation that first celebrated the organization’s achievements, including the launch of the new BCAMA website and blog, the increase of profits by 120%, and the 7.9% increase in revenue. He then recognized several BCAMA committees, volunteers and board members with awards for their dedication and hard work over the past year.

Following the presentation, Steve expressed his pride in the results garnered from bolstering membership and Collegiate while also giving more value to the volunteers and directors. He remarked, “I’m a bit surprised – I knew we’d spent more on events and people, but I didn’t expect such a great return on investment.”

Reflecting on the theme for 2011, Legacy – Making Marketing History, Steve acknowledged that investing in board members was vitally important to the success of the organization. “Longevity of members is key to the sustainability of the board. Post-recession, we really wanted to emphasize and recognize the people who make BCAMA what it is.”

Steve is now eagerly anticipating the upcoming year. “Our theme for 2013 is Explore, and we’re already brainstorming what we can do for the community, how we can turn innovation into opportunity, and how we can reinvent ourselves.”

This posting was written by Kristen Olsen, a professional copywriter and communications generalist with a penchant for writing and a proclivity for creativity. She authors communications materials for public, private and non-profit sectors through her own business, What’s Up Document.

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